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Part 2, Homeless in Milwaukee

I’ve only spent 5 hours helping to deliver meals to our cities homeless population but I was amazed and humbled in those few hours. Street Angels started 3 years ago when they took over a similar mission. Their main focus is trying to get people off the streets into homes. But you can’t enter this… Continue reading Part 2, Homeless in Milwaukee

Type 1 Diabetes

Parenting a teen with T1D

Man, it’s rough. If I’m being as transparent as possible I have to keep it real. Joey is a senior in high school, how? I shouldn’t have blinked! 🤭 We raised a very independent young man. Which can be a blessing and a curse! A blessing because he doesn’t let any obstacle get in his… Continue reading Parenting a teen with T1D

Type 1 Diabetes

Homecoming 2K16 – A story of friendship.

Homecoming 2016, beautiful fall weather, beautiful girl, handsome guy, best friends.  Varsity football is undefeated and just clinched the Classic 8 Division Championship!  What more could you ask for? Well since you ask, how about best friends since 5th grade going together, with their dates of course. Joey’s best friend Alex has been by his… Continue reading Homecoming 2K16 – A story of friendship.