My Family and Life

My husband Joe and I have been married 23 yrs in May.  I am so lucky to be his wife, he really is a great guy that loves me, for that I am grateful.  We have busy lives, with four kids, three grand-kids, two dogs; Baxter and Bruce, and a big extended family.

 Our family is very close, we fight the fight together, and we celebrate the little things.  Both our grandson Cooper age 10, and our son Joey, age 15 have type 1 diabetes.  Cooper was diagnosed before his 2nd birthday, and Joey had just turned 8 years old. We were scared when Cooper was diagnosed, faced with a disease that we didn’t understand, never knew anyone with Type 1.  Two years later we were faced with it again, this time Joey.   We were numb when he was diagnosed, we really couldn’t believe that this would happen to us twice.  It changed our lives.

It’s almost insane to say this, but it’s a blessing that both of the boys have it.  We can lean on, support, babysit,  bitch, cry and embrace the small miracles that happen everyday.  Until you have to live with this disease, you can’t fully understand it.

So today our biggest challenges revolve around type 1, because it’s a crazy disease.  It has no rhyme or reason, no compassion, doesn’t ever take a break.  But we won’t let it beat us, we’ll continue to fight it and live our lives as normally as possible.

We are thankful for insulin, the one thing that keeps our boys alive.  Can you imagine the thought of not having the one thing that keeps your child alive?  It’s not a cure, but life support for our Angels.

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