My life

You’re Not Invisible!

When you know you know. When you see you can’t unsee. This is what I’ve learned going out with The Street Angels  supporting our homeless friends. When I first read some of co-founder Shelly’s posts about helping their “homeless friends” I thought it was heartwarming to refer to the homeless as “friends!”

Then I got to know some of their names. And now I get it. When you learn someone’s name, and see them weekly, and they share a hug or a new story, you are their friend! You look into their eyes and you see them! They are no longer invisible like they are when you see them panhandling or laying on the side of the road.

I see you! I know your name! Jose, Bo, Patricia, Bob. It’s nice to meet you! I will never Not See You Again!

Jose, his name is Jose! And this beautiful picture is his prized possession!

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