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Homelessness in Milwaukee, Part 3

As we travel along the route we stop at every corner if there is a homeless person panhandling. They see the bus and they come over. They know that they will have a hot meal, and a few other necessities if they need it. I was astonished at the fact that they don’t ever take unless they need it! They all take the hot meal, but when asked if they need anything else, it’s a “no thank you.”

As we were stopped on the side of the street waiting for cupcake muffins to be delivered, very generously donated by a local cupcake shop, a young man approached. We thought he needed a meal so prepared one for him, he declined the meal, said he just stopped to see if we were alright, did we need help? What? OMG! Humanity!

I promised I would talk about the young man that we walked pretty far off the road to find. The one who came out of his tent with only shorts on. I asked him where his clothes were. He said he got home from work a couple hours ago and needs to keep them clean for tomorrow. I asked where he works, and he told me that he painted parts at a major company here in Milwaukee! I was shocked? I said “and your homeless?” His answer put a great big ball in my throat. He said: “yeah, because I don’t have any family!” 💔😢

This picture was taken by Shelly. I’m thankful for it.

There is such a need at this time of the year, because winter is coming, we saw more people than normal, that didn’t come over the summer, but now they need items to get ready for winter. Our leader Shelly knew we wouldn’t have enough hot meals to make it through to the Northside. The route starts near the Domes, when Shelly gets a text that there aren’t any tents there we proceed down 27th St. all the way to Layton Ave!

We deliver a meal to a father and son who are in temporary housing in a hotel. The son is an addict, the father is in his 70’s! The son spends all of dad’s pension on drugs, the money is already gone and it’s only the 14th of the month! Dad could afford housing with the amount of money he receives, but his son wouldn’t be allowed to live with him so dad declines. It’s f’d up! That made me angry!

Our route takes us to the Walmart on 27th Street. A man in a wheelchair is waiting for us. I hear stories about him and how he was trying to make people laugh on the corner as he waited for us. I believe he was a veteran, only had one leg. 😢😡

We make our way to the halfway point which is the McDonalds at Walkers Point. Shelly goes in and purchases 20 McDoubles so we have enough food for the 2nd half of our route. I can’t believe how many homeless people are waiting for us! We make up more bags! Shelly/Street Angels usually leaves 2 meals at the McDonald’s for two individuals that come later in the evening, but seeing how we might not have enough food for the remainder of the route, she prepays for two McDonald’s meals so they will eat! ❤️

Long line at the truck at McDonald’s!

Now we cross over to the downtown area.

Hold on, there’s more!!

BTW, I asked permission to take pictures and videos. It’s the best way to show what it’s like and ask for donations of goods!

Part 4 next: Grandmas and tent cities!

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