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You’re Not Invisible!

When you know you know. When you see you can’t unsee. This is what I’ve learned going out with The Street Angels  supporting our homeless friends. When I first read some of co-founder Shelly’s posts about helping their “homeless friends” I thought it was heartwarming to refer to the homeless as “friends!” Then I got to… Continue reading You’re Not Invisible!

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Homelessness in Milwaukee, Part 4

I don’t particularly like reading super long blog posts so am splitting my experience with the Street Angels into several parts. After we crossed over into the city, it was a whole new look and feel. Street Angels have a Facebook page that a lot of their “friends” (I’m using this name now, instead of… Continue reading Homelessness in Milwaukee, Part 4

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Homelessness in Milwaukee, Part 3

As we travel along the route we stop at every corner if there is a homeless person panhandling. They see the bus and they come over. They know that they will have a hot meal, and a few other necessities if they need it. I was astonished at the fact that they don’t ever take… Continue reading Homelessness in Milwaukee, Part 3

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Part 2, Homeless in Milwaukee

I’ve only spent 5 hours helping to deliver meals to our cities homeless population but I was amazed and humbled in those few hours. Street Angels started 3 years ago when they took over a similar mission. Their main focus is trying to get people off the streets into homes. But you can’t enter this… Continue reading Part 2, Homeless in Milwaukee