Sandy, my Sista!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post! I guess I had writers block because you know me, I always have something to say! πŸ˜„

This blog isn’t about Type 1 Diabetes, (shock) but about my sister in-law Sandy and her battle with colon cancer. I know, not a fun thing to read about but necessary for me to write about.

Cancer is one of those illnesses that people shy away from. If it doesn’t affect us personally it’s a sad story about a friend of a friend. Well today that friend is mine.

I refer to Sandy as my sister-in-law. Because in my heart she is, and always will be! You see she is my ex-husband’s sister. I look at her as my kids aunt and one of my oldest (we go back to junior high school) and dearest friends. When I got divorced I still loved his family, and see them regularly! So hence, Sandy is still my sister in-law!

Sandy, Nick and Jenny

Sandy, with sisters Joani, Linda and me

Late last Summer she was anticipating a trip to visit her son in California when she starting having some issues feeling full very quickly after only a couple bites of food. After a trip to the doctor they diagnosed her with stage 4 colon cancer. A lot of decisions needed to be made fast, but she wouldn’t start any treatment until after her visit to California.

After only 3 rounds of chemo her port became infected! This sent her to palliative care, intensive care and finally to a hospice center. The doctors sent her to hospice because they thought when they removed the breathing tube she wouldn’t make it. To all of our amazement, after a month, she walked out of the Hospice. The doctors called her a miracle. I just knew she wasn’t ready to leave us!

Unfortunately as Sandy was recovering in the Hospice Center, her beloved dog Grace was also diagnosed with colon cancer and didn’t make it. We had to keep this from her as we didn’t want her to be sad, we needed for her to continue to fight to come home! Before Sandy knew about Graces’ passing, she told me that one day while Sandy was still home, Grace got on the bed with her and laid across her body. Grace was an 80 lb German Shepard, Sandy was about 90 lbs! When she wouldn’t get off her, she called her husband in to move Grace! According to an Elder in the Native American community, when an animal does that, she is taking the illness from his/her owner! πŸ’” R.I.P. Grace! God works in mysterious ways! I say that because Grace was so protective of Sandy that no one could visit her at home unless Grace was locked in the bedroom. So it would have been very hard for us to go out as often as we do.

Fast forward one year. Sandy is still fighting the fight. She can’t drive, and unfortunately can’t eat much! A couple bites on a good day! She said to me last week, “I wake up sick and go to bed sick!” Now she isn’t one to complain, but I’m with her and see how her days are.

She wants to eat, things look great but after one bite she feels full and sick. πŸ˜” Her biggest issue is nausea. Even with her medication.

Sandy isn’t really under a doctors care right now because he wants her to do chemo again and she doesn’t want to. She’s seeking a second opinion this week. We can’t understand why they can’t remove the tumor, which is very large. 😞

We don’t know what’s going to happen, of course we will continue to fight and pray for the best outcome! The one thing we do know is that she has medical bills that are daunting! And believe me when I say that you can’t call and say you’re going to pay $50/month! They’ve sent bills to collection before Sandy even gets a chance to call! And believe it or not, some bills get denied via her insurance! Then they have to appeal it! It’s exhausting!

Sandy had to leave her job, she does receive disability, that only covers her very expensive medication!

Her son Jesse set up a GoFundMe Page. She also makes cards for every occasion and sells them, and bracelets that have certain beads where you can put essential oils on! I’m posting pictures, if you’d like to purchase cards or a bracelet, let me know!

Here are a few samples of the beautiful cards and bracelets! BTW, cards are only $3.00 each. Bracelets are $10.00.

If you’d like to help with her medical bills, please visit her GoFundMe:


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