My life

1,378 Happy Anniversaries

Romantic: JOE: conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.

I’ve been talking about how lucky I am to have such a romantic husband. I mean the whole camp site in my family room, that’s hard to beat, but I can beat it! 

Joe and I worked for the same company, Viacom Cablevison, I was a Marketing Manager so had a lot of mail everyday.  One of Joe’s jobs was to deliver the bigger boxes to my office. We would say hi to each other but we really didn’t know one another.  It wasn’t until a company party on Friday, June 15th that we started talking, and that was it, we were inseparable from that moment on LOVE at first talk! ❤️

He once told me that before we started dating when he would come into my office to drop something off  he would look me right in the eye, therefore he had been courting me for months before we actually officially met! 😊 And he would think about me when he was outside working on the forklift, always singing My brown eyed girl! How adorable is that! 💗

One Friday after that fateful day in June I got a beautiful Bouquet of flowers delivered to my office,  and noticed that the colors matched my outfit! Many more bouquets followed, always on Friday, always matching the color of my outfit, with the card saying “Happy Anniversary!”  

Still to this day! It’s been 1, 378 Fridays since that day in 1990, and he still tells me how much he loves me and of course: “Happy Anniversary,” and sometimes with flowers! 💐


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