Football – Post Season

Joey had a fantastic JV season. He played mostly offense but occasionally he got in where he really loves to play – on defense!  He also suits up for Varsity and plays offense on occasion. 

We are going into the playoffs starting this week!! Our Varsity team went undefeated this year for the first time in 16 years!  We clinched the Classic 8 Championship title before the end of the regular season! In 2012 we went all the way to State and won!! Joey’s brother Tony was the starting center on that team-he was a sophomore! We are hoping to bring home the Gold football again this November! 

As a mom I try not to think about it much but in the back of my mind it’s always there; how is he doing under that helmet. He eats lunch between 11 and noon. Football practice starts at 3:00. To my knowledge he doesn’t eat before practice.  I ask him how practice was and sometimes he tells me that “it’s good,” and other times he tells me that he had a lot of lows and spent time on the sidelines trying to get it up to where it’s safe to play.  This is where I am so thankful for the teams trainer! He has experience with type 1 diabetes and always has an eye on Joey!  I’ve talked to him on occasion and he’s very upfront and I appreciate that! He carries glucose tablets in his duffel bag for Joey!  

One day I stopped in to work in the concession stand, which looks over the football field. Joey was walking off to the sidelines.  The trainer immediately saw him and walked over to him as Joey reached into the trainers bag and started eating the glucose tabs.   After practice I asked him how it went. “I was low, felt funny, my feet felt weird! So I went to the sidelines so I wouldn’t pass out on the field!” 

I didn’t respond. Because I wanted to say “is football really that important to you?” But I bit my lip! As we go into the post season for what is likely another 4 games, and many more practices, I’ll try not to think about it and put all my trust in God, knowing that he is looking over him, and in Joey and his trainer! 


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