Type 1 Diabetes

Homecoming 2K16 – A story of friendship.

Joey & Izzie

Homecoming 2016, beautiful fall weather, beautiful girl, handsome guy, best friends.  Varsity football is undefeated and just clinched the Classic 8 Division Championship!  What more could you ask for? Well since you ask, how about best friends since 5th grade going together, with their dates of course.

14495452_10206765873497686_5680130790142585209_nJoey’s best friend Alex has been by his side for many an occasion, like in 8th grade when their football team traveled 2 hours away for the last tournament as Jr. Crusader’s,   Alex could have stayed back at the hotel where the team spent the night, hung with the guys, had a pizza party.  But instead Alex got all dressed up and accompanied Joey two hours back to our city for the American Diabetes Association’s Gala, where Joey was speaking, and receiving an award for his work as the Youth Ambassador.

Joey, Alex & Mr. Davidson at Gala

Now the Gala was at the Harley Museum so there were motorcycles involved, but still, only a great friend would leave the hotel to attend a dressy event.

Alex learning Glucagon

Fast forward 2 years and now Joey and Alex both have beautiful dates for their Homecoming dance.  Because they spend so much time together, we educated Alex on type 1 diabetes, he knows the symptoms of high and low blood sugar,  he knows how to administer Glucagon!  He was willing to learn so that he could save his friends life if ever necessary.

Alex & Jenna

The really cool thing about this story is that Alex’s date Jenna who is a friend of both boys, happens to also have type 1 diabetes.  Jenna was diagnosed when she was a freshman.  The really wonderful thing is that these kids don’t care that someone has type 1 diabetes, they only care about taking care of each other.

Jenna is an athlete and was at a volleyball tournament all day, literally came to pictures a little late because the tournament went all day. Knowing that an athletes’ blood sugar can drop low after competing all day, Alex had his eye on her, or should I say her and her blood sugar.

Best Buddies

Their group went to Bravo for dinner, an Italian restaurant that offered a special homecoming menu which included an appetizer of bread & Caesar salad, the entree, and of course dessert.  Joey and Jenna leaned on each other to figure out the carb count!  They both brought out their PDM’s to dose for dinner, and commented that they were “POD” partners!

I love their openness to their friends about type 1 diabetes.  It doesn’t hold them back from being athletes, or anything else in life!


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