Type 1 Diabetes

Back to School Day

My son is a sophomore at a Catholic High School. It’s small in comparison to the public schools in our community, so it’s more ofa  family atmosphere. 

School starts this week so we had  “Back to School Day” where the kids find out where their lockers are, get their yearly calendar, their classes, get their gym clothes and their Honor Polo,  which is a shirt they wear on the first day of school and all special mass days throughout the year.  It’s also a day when families come into the spirit shop and purchase spirit wear, that’s where I met a family with a son who has type one diabetes. He’s an incoming freshman, my friend overheard his mom tell him that he could wear his backpack all day therefore he’d have his diabetes supplies with him at all times.

I introduced myself to them and told them that my son also has type one and if they had any questions or concerns they could call us. They seemed to be excited and happy to meet another family with T1d, they asked about how the lunch program works, can they take their backpacks into the lunch room, questions that every parent of a child with type one diabetes wants to know including, how are the teachers, especially the gym teacher when it comes to type one. Joey has had a great experience with the teachers, all very understanding and basically gives him 100% control of handling his T1d needs.  Just what they wanted to hear!  

I was happy that I met the family later in the day because Joey finished football practice so he could meet their son, introduce himself and talk to the parents. There’s just something about knowing that there are others like you at school that sometimes can make all the difference.

High school is a different experience when it comes to what we as parents can do AT school. Grade and middle school we still pop in and check with the health room aides to see how lunch numbers were, check the log book for patterns of high low blood sugar numbers!  Those days are gone when they enter high school, as they don’t have go anywhere to test or dose! 

With a disease that you would never wish on anyone,  it brings you a little bit of comfort to know that you’re not alone in this big new experience called high school . 


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