Type 1 Diabetes

Healthcare and Type 1

Today’s topic is The Healthcare Experience.  There are so many ways to go, do I talk about the struggle getting supplies, or the way the healthcare professionals grade you based on the A1C, or how expensive this disease is?

I’ll start with our  Diabetes clinic that Joey goes to, the same place we took all of our diabetes 101 classes and our pump classes. The nurse practitioners are wonderful!! The actual Endroconologists come and go through a revolving door so we don’t really have just one.

Funny story, we were at Joey’s 3 month appointment and were scheduled for a doctor visit, happens once or twice a year.  The nurse introduces us to a very young man, turns out he’s the new “fellow.” After the checkup he tells my then ten year old that he needed to lose about 15 lbs! Yep, you heard me right!  Joey was never overweight, he’s an athlete, always has been.  I asked Joey to step outside for a couple minutes as I wanted to discus a few things with the Dr. I explained to the “fellow” that if he ever told my son that he has a weight issue again that I would leave this clinic! There are so many issues revolving around food for a child with type 1 diabetes!  I also told him that he should be talking to me, the parent about my 10 year olds weight! I buy the food, and pretty much control what he eats!  He agreed with me and left the room with his tail between his legs! I bet he will always think twice before telling a kid he needs to lose weight!

It’s expensive to go to the clinic every 3 months. In-fact when we go to the clinic  we get a bill for a charge from Children’s Hospital because that’s where the clinic is and you’re also going to get a bill from the medical College of Wisconsin because that’s where the doctors are from. We stopped having his blood work done at their lab because our insurance only covers 20% of the cost compared to our regular Dr’s office where they are covered at 100%. 

From a cost standpoint it it would be better for us to go to our regular family doctor. Our family doctor can do all the same tests that they do at the clinic. What our general practitioner family doctor doesn’t offer is a dietitian visit. However our healthcare provider does offer a dietitian if we need one we would just have to make an appointment. So the advantage to going to the clinic is that you see the nurse practitioner, the dietician and the endocrinologist in a single visit.  And they’re pretty efficient usually are in and out of there within an hour and a half.

Another aspect of the type of diabetes and the medical world is how you have to fight for your medical supplies. Of course now I’m talking about insurance.  I don’t want somebody calling me and asking me why I need x amount  of test trips a month. I have a co-pay – I should be able to order my son supplies,  pay my co-pay and not have to worry about it.  I think since Joey was diagnosed with type 1 between my husband and I – we have spent a week on the phone with our  insurance company! 

The thing is our kids need these items to live! This is life support! Don’t mess with me when it comes to his life support!

I do love all of the advancements in technology! I wish that the Omnipod Insulin Pump system would have an integrated continuous glucose monitor, I’m sure it’ll come!

We just want the best medical attention we can get for our son. 


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