Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Blog Week, Why do I blog.  

I love Diabetes Blog Week, I look forward to it every May. Those of us who blog about diabetes get to share our thoughts with you and with other bloggers!

joey baseball picture (2)
Joey & Cooper

Why do I blog: I started blogging after my son Joey, who had just turned 8 was diagnosed.  I felt like I had so much to say about how difficult it is to grasp this disease! I watched my daughter go through the same emotions when her son, my grandson, Cooper was diagnosed 3 years earlier, when he was only 22 months old.  I attended the classes at Children’s with her, thinking, “I’ll never get this!

Fast forward 3 years: Mother’s Day, 2009.  My daughter and Cooper were at my house, I was going to be babysitting Cooper so I needed to have a refresher course in type 1 diabetes!  We asked Joey to let me test his blood sugar. It took some bribing-but he finally agreed.  When the result came up my daughter grabbed my knee cap so hard I thought it was shattered,  then realized that the 466 on the blood sugar monitor was to high!   We tested again with the same result!

So after Joey’s diagnosis I felt the need to talk about type 1 diabetes, but I couldn’t continue to talk to people who didn’t know what I was talking about. I needed a community for support. People who knew what I was talking about, and how I felt. So I started blogging and submitting my posts to diabetes related communities. Then I realized that I needed to share the signs/symptoms with people who didn’t know them! So education became my platform.

Important message for me to rely in my blogging: Know the symptoms! In retrospect I should have recognized the signs! They were there for a couple of months. All of them! Right there for me to see! Had I recognized the sighs earlier, his blood sugar wouldn’t have gotten to a dangerously high number.

By sharing the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes on my blog I hope to save a child from going into DKA.

Here are the signs/symptoms of type 1 diabetes:

Extreme thirst: Joey would run into the house after school begging-yelling for water.

 Bedwetting/Excessive urination: that very morning (Mother’s Day) I was having my coffee while Joey wrestled in the living room with his brother Tony, they were right in front of me when Joey stood up and said “I just peed.”

Weight Loss: He lost 8 lbs, we didn’t realize this until his doctor appointment the next morning!

Fatigue: The Friday before Mother’s Day was High Interest Day at school. Joey loved this day more than any other day of the school year. He especially loved the Reptile exhibit. The year before he had the snake wrapped around his little neck! This year he had his little head on the desk. I even asked him if he was feeling okay. He just wasn’t himself.

Reptiles and High Interest 008
The year before

Joey would come home from school, run to the restroom, grab his water, grab a snack and then fall asleep! This was the scene at our house everyday for a month!

It’s important to recognize these symptoms and if your child starts to show them in their behaviors, call your doctor and have them do a simple finger prick or urine stick! Early detection can save a life!


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