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Second Guessing Myself – T1D

 I don’t second-guess myself often, but when I do it’s a doozy.  As a parent of a child with a chronic illness, one that depends on my type 1 diabetes knowledge for his safety and good diabetes management, it’s easy to get scared thinking that you did something wrong. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been managing T1D, the panicked feeling that you get when you start to second guess a decision is always the same! 

I belong to a group on Facebook that is comprised of parents of kids with type 1 diabetes. A parent was expressing her fear because she couldn’t remember if they had given their child the overnight shot of Lantus, which is background insulin. They were second-guessing themselves big time. 

Because of the severity of forgetting your child’s background insulin for instance, this can lead to anxiety, stress, and sometimes even panic. Not to mention the additional anxiety the child feels! Type 1 diabetes requires perfection when figuring out basal rates and boluses. None of us are perfect so we’re going to make mistakes.  It’s the second guessing ourselves that makes it worse! Things like “did I add that chocolate milk to his lunch calculation?” Or “did I give him his Lantus?” Even “did I just dose way to much for that ice cream?” 

A lot of times we forget that when we are anxious about something related to type 1 our kids feel our anxiety. We tend to overreact, just because we are frustrated and scared! A lot of times we’ll speak our thoughts like “did I dose you for that?” Instead of checking their pump or asking them calmly. 

We are not perfect, so we are going to second guess ourselves.  We certainly don’t want to add stress to our kids lives, so we need to give ourselves a break, and as long as we have the knowledge to “fix” what it was that scared us in the first place-we’ll all be fine. I think. 😖


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