Type 1 Diabetes

What are your kids afraid of?

The Zombie Apocalypse! This is probably what teens think is the worst thing that could happen to us! 

In reality, my teen has a much deeper fear! We were on our way to a basketball game 45 minutes away so we carpooled.  On the way there we were talking about how scary some of our world has become, and the need to be able to protect our family if necessary. The conversation of owning a gun came up.  This lead to us talking about what is happening in our world and under what circumstances would we really use a gun. 

Jokingly Joey brought up the Zombie apocalypse, and said that he’d be the first to go once his insulin ran out!  We are huge Walking Dead fans, and this season they had a girl on the show who had type 1 diabetes! She carried her pouch with her insulin and syringes! Unfortunately her demise came at the hands or should I say Mouth of a Walker, and not by running out of insulin! 

When he said that he’d be the first to go in the presence of a disaster, I got a huge lump in my throat!  What would we do? You can’t really hoard insulin because of insurance. They only give you your 3 month supply.  So in reality we have 3 months of a life saving medicine. You can’t live without insulin. 

Now of course God Forbid we have a national disaster here in America, I have a Walgreens and two Pick N Save Pharmacies right here within walking distance that I wouldn’t think twice about going to and taking some insulin.  😖

The thought made me think, what would we do if there was a national disaster here? 


Life Support

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