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Type 1 on the Mountain Tops

When people go skiing or snowboarding the most they worry about is the weather, hoping it’s not to cold. With type 1 diabetes you hope that it cuts you a break so you can have a great time with your friends.

img_4973-1Joey really loves snowboarding.  He always wanted to try it so when his friend Chris invited him to spend the day with him and his family at their ski club, it was the perfect scenario for him to put his feet into the boots for the first time. The hill was perfect for him to try his skills at this not so easy sport.

He discovered that he loves being outside in the wintertime, he loves being at the top of the mountain, he loves the thrill of the double black diamond, and he loves being with his friends.  He also loves pushing himself to try new activities. And he’s quite good at it.

Joey, Chris, and Jack, Joey’s snowboarding crew.

 We went on our first weekend ski trip with friends.  We went to granite Peak Ski Resort in Wausau, WI so Joey could snowboard on Rib Mountain.  He was a bit worried about the size of the mountain, all of the trees, and the size of the mountain. 🙂

In his typical “I’ll give it a try” attitude he loved it. He did laugh at himself, as he sled on his butt down one of the steep parts of the mountain, then got up and snowboarded down the mountainside!  I think he was amazed at how awesome it was.


Joey and his friends at Ausblick Ski Hill


It’s just great to be outdoors! Joey’s friend said that when they were at the top of the mountain and the sun was going down, Joey said “I’m so glad that I started to snowboard! I love being outside, hanging with good friends!”

So this new sport has been a lot of fun for Joey and I’ve had fun hanging in the Chalets while he’s out on the mountain.  I’m glad that we both enjoy it, who knows, maybe i’ll throw on some ski’s and give it a try one day.

Joey checking his blood sugar

As far as type 1 diabetes is concerned, Joey was surprised that his blood sugar was on the high end while snowboarding! Adrenaline plays a huge part in that.  He’s been correcting his high blood sugar and watching his numbers very closely afterwards to make sure he doesn’t plummet!   And drinking a lot of water is so critical!

The plan for snowboarding with type 1 was to #1 eat a healthy meal before going, and then checking blood sugar often while on the slopes.  He knew that he might have to sit out a few runs, which he was okay with.  He would come off the mountain after an hour or so, check his blood sugar, make whatever correction was needed, drink water, or Gatorade, eat a snack and head back out.  This replayed many times over the course of the entire day on the slopes.

img_5429His friends have been instrumental in his success on the mountain, when you have type 1 diabetes you need to have those good friends who know how to watch over you when you’re on the slopes. Joey is one lucky guy to have friends like Chris and Jack and Alex who will watch out for him no matter what he does.

img_5604Now that we have discovered the great outdoors in WI, we’re looking forward to many more trips with friends, for either tubing, or snowboarding.

No fear!


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