Type 1 Diabetes

A new restaurant & sick kid (or poisoned, as he puts it.)

The kids are dropping like flies, Joey’s school has 60 kids out sick, including a couple of Joey’s  basketball teammates.

Joe and I have been trying to get to this restaurant for over a year. One time I called and left a reservation request over their voicemail, which is what the instructions were. We were very excited, it was Saturday night, date night. We’re on our way there, I decide to call and confirm the reservation when the host tells me that he’s terribly sorry but he doesn’t have my reservation, maybe they forgot to check voicemails, and it’s packed, no way of us getting in until after 10:00pm. Seeing that we live in America, not Europe, we can’t wait that long. 😴

Fast forward to last night. We finally got in! 6:30 reservation, Joey had Culver’s and was going to finish his homework. Perfect.

So we get to this very narrow establishment, with tables at one end, a huge bar in the middle, that is meant for patrons to eat dinner at, and a few more tables at the other end. So it’s mostly bar. The host seats us at an end table, that we are basically sharing with another couple. Joe is situated where he’s looking directly at the couple next to us.  He’s clearly uncomfortable, so we move to the bar. We usually wouldn’t choose to eat dinner at the bar but this place, being small and intimate at best, it was a great decision.

The bartender recommended trying the fried chickpeas.  They were different, Joe thought they tasted slightly burnt, I agree. Nonetheless they were enjoyable while we looked over the menu. This place doesn’t have a traditional menu. It’s very unique.  And it changes almost daily.


We placed our order with the bartender and sat back to people watch. img_4938It’s a very busy place, people coming and going, the busiest bartenders ever, they were taking care of at least 30 people around the bar, all that ordered food. We started with the calamari.  I’ve been eating Calamari since I met Joe, he’s been eating it since he was a young boy. He said it was the freshest calamari that he’s had in a long time. And it was delicious.  The only problem was that we didn’t get our food for a very long time. We think the bartender forgot to hit enter on the iPad. People were getting served that came in much later than us, so finally after quite awhile we asked if they would please check our order. You could see in her eyes that she realized something went awry.

goodkind calamari
Calamari & lemon

Then after we received the calamari it took forever to get the other two dishes we ordered.  So to make things nice they comped the calamari and brought us out an entire entree that we didn’t order, but had  wanted to try anyway so it was all good.

The only reason that I’m telling you the negative about the place is because it impacted us getting home in a timely manner for Joey.  I don’t like to drop him off at home after basketball practice and then leave him home all night alone.  Thankfully we were almost done with dinner when I get the text. “Are you almost home?” “No, we haven’t left the restaurant yet, what’s up?” (Keep in mind that we are about 1/2 hour away from home.)  “I’m 55 and my stomach is killing me. What can I take to stop the pain? I’ve had 4 juice pouches so far.” (That alone would make my stomach hurt!)  He found some alkaseltzer that when he went to dissolve it the water turned brown! Expired, don’t drink that!! We face timed with Joey several times on our race home, to make sure his blood sugar was ok. Stopped off at Walgreens for some stomach relief medication. When we got home the vomiting started.  We remembered we had Zofran, which finally did the trick.  We set our alarm and took turns checking his blood sugar every two hours throughout the night.

This morning we let him sleep in. He woke up and felt ok, no fever, so he went to school.  He thinks he was poisoned by the burgers he ate.

So a night to remeber. We are sorry that Joey had to go through hours of pain and all that goes with being sick, but thankful that he had great blood sugar numbers all night and felt ok this morning.

As for the restaurant, we will definitely go back as the food was delicious, worth the wait!

Spicy Crab Pasta










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