Type 1 Diabetes

Waking up HIGH is a family affair!

The worst thing you can hear at 5:18 am is your child moaning and calling for help. I don’t really sleep so when I heard him get up I  thought it was 6:30am, normal wake up time. 

The next thing I hear is  Joey, laying on his bed calling for me.  It’s more of a moan. I jumped up, ran to his room where he asks me for a SHOT! And a vile of insulin, and a pod! In that order. 

He knew his blood sugar was high because he felt like s%*t!  His stomach was upset and his head was pounding! His pump said he still had 9 units of insulin on board, waiting to be delivered. He knew that wasn’t right, as he had been up earlier, again with a high blood sugar, did a correction but when he woke up at 5:17, he could feel that it his body hadn’t gotten the insulin needed to bring the blood sugar down. 
So after being up all night wrestling with a high blood sugar, I let him sleep this morning. It’s the first time this year that he missed part of school due to type 1 complications.  

He had to change his pod at 5:30 am, along with feeling like crud I let him sleep until he felt better. If he wouldn’t of had basketball practice after school he probably would have stayed home.   

As a mom I hated dropping him off at school. I really wanted him to stay home with me so I could “protect” him from going high again and the dreaded Ketones! If he would’ve had Ketones I would have kept him home! They are dangerous! And they are caused by high blood sugar!  

I did tell him to call me if his head and stomach continued to hurt! This is the part of diabetes that I really hate, and that others don’t know about.  


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