Type 1 Diabetes

November is winding down! But not our Efforts! Type Won, LBWear, & ESPN!

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month so we stay active in our efforts to educate about Type 1 diabetes.  This might mean sharing diagnosis stories, or sharing how someone has inspired us in one way or another, or fundraising for a cure.  We are very blessed to have people in our lives making a difference in the diabetes community, here are a couple ways that you can make a difference.

The first one is Jake Byrne’s book; First And Goal, for every book that is sold this month, not only do you receive an autographed book, Jake is donating $1.00 to a local JDRF! For more information go to Type Won.


Joey with his copy


Next my friend and small business owner Annette is offering $5.00 to JDRF for every blue  HUG that is sold in November! Joey loves mine so much that Annette made him his own! (Thank Goodness!) Please go to LBWear for details.

IMG_3379 IMG_3370


If you follow my blog you know that Joey suits up for his Varsity football team, the Crusaders.  They had an outstanding season, earning their spot on the field at Camp Randall Stadium in the Division 3 State Championship game.  I was asked by ESPN to give an interview about Joey playing football with type 1 diabetes. It  went very well, I was so thrilled to be asked to participate.  The interview aired at halftime of the  football game!  To hear my interview with ESPN please click here: http://www.espnwisconsin.com/common/page.php?id=401

So far November has been fantastic!



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