Type 1 Diabetes

“You better be high!”

 “Are you high? You better be high!” 

I’ve said that to Joey without even thinking about whether or not someone might hear me and wonder why I would ask him that!  It’s happened more than I can say!  Not so much any more, but a lot when he was younger and would be acting out.  He knew he better check his blood sugar and do a correction before he got in trouble! πŸ˜€

  Joey was a really good kid, but when his blood sugar was high he went from a great,  nice, polite kid to a monster! And it would happen in a matter of minutes not hours. It doesn’t mention being sassy on the picture of typical High and Low blood sugar behaviors, but I promise you it’s a symptom! 

I’ve seen kids with high blood sugar act out in crazy ways, like one time we were at a middle school spring band concert. There was a kid climbing underneath the dessert table, while he was waiting to perform!  His mom grabbed him and had him check his blood sugar. 

When low blood sugar is a factor it’s a sense of urgency! Give me food or a drink now!! Joey carries a juice pouch with him at all times, but prefers chocolate milk as a way to bring up his blood sugar. 

Joey would get sweaty and pale when his bs dropped to below 70, I could always tell.  And he would get kind of mean- I need food NOW! As a teen he’s pretty in tune with his body and can tell if he’s high, low, or in range! 

People react differently to a kid with low blood sugar reaching for a high sugar fix, it’s the only way to bring it up. Some people have said that when they grab for a soda or candy they are asked “isn’t that what gave you diabetes in the first place? I won’t even address this at this time, that’s a whole different topic! πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚

What’s your number? 


2 thoughts on ““You better be high!”

  1. Totally can relate! My 9yr old t1D is a very sweet girl, but when she goes high or low, she turns into someone realy different. Thank you for your blog, I don’t feel alone in this world of t1d parenting. God bless you more!

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