Type 1 Diabetes

My Grandson’s 8 Year Diaversary

Cooper and Jenny
Cooper and Jenny
Today is Cooper’s 8 year Diaversary. A day to celebrate. Cooper will be 10 years old next month. The day he was diagnosed was one of the scariest days of our lives. I remember it like yesterday. This picture was taken the week before he was diagnosed. During the week, he started showing symptoms. For instance Jenny and Cooper were at the zoo, he said his legs hurt, and told his momma that he couldn’t walk anymore. Odd. Then he started getting sick. He was drinking so much milk and water, he would cry for more. When Jenny called the doctor office they said it sounded like the flu, it was starting to go around.
She called a few times that week with different symptoms, they told her to pull back on the fluids. That is when all hell broke loose. You see there were Ketones building up in his body, basically poisoning him. At least the liquids were flushing the ketones out, to a point. Long story short, Jenny called the doctor and insisted on being seen and told the doctor that her child had one of two things, Leukemia or Type 1 diabetes. The doctor put a cotton ball in his diaper and thankfully he urinated on it. The result was a blood sugar over 1000, rushed to Children’s where they still had to spend the next 8 hours poking and prodding him to diagnose Type 1 diabetes. We spent the next 3 nights in the NICU at Children’s. I remember him not sleeping, he was scared because the nurses and doctors were in and out constantly. I held him in the rocking chair, he finally fell to sleep, on my lap. I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but it was more important for that baby to sleep.
The week Cooper was diagnosed.
The week Cooper was diagnosed.

When we ask you to donate to our Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, it’s because of these memories, and it’s because Cooper is almost 10, and he’s healthy, because of strides that non-profits like the ADA and JDRF make to help keep our kids healthy. And of course we need a cure, which is always first and foremost on our minds.

20140517-085426.jpgIf you would like to honor Cooper, and Joey, please give to Joey’s walk page. Thank you.


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