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Mind over BODY Week 4 of Recovery – Psyche Update

Update from Dr. Office: 8/20/15

I’m not one to complain to much, I try to always be optimistic and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but today I got a bit angry! I called my surgeons office and asked when I can start twisting, bending and lifting. As for now those are my restrictions.  Ten lbs is one gallon of milk, (it actually weighs 7.5 lbs)  which means even though I can go grocery shopping, I can’t lift the bags to carry them in the house.  When I called I spoke to the Dr’s patient care coordinator. She said she would talk to my doctor and call me back, which she did today.  She didn’t have any answers for me. She said it was on the sheet that I should have received when I had my 2 week checkup. I got a little pissy with her, and asked to speak to someone else because her and I weren’t communicating well.  She said she would go ask the doctor my questions if I would hold! Isn’t that what I asked her to do the day before?  Prior to that she told me that “you should be able to bend and twist now.” I said “no offense, but you are not a doctor and I am not comfortable taking instruction from you!”

Long story short my restrictions remain the same until the beginning of my 7th week post op.  Then I can increase lifting to 15 lbs and start to slowly bend at the knees, kind of like a squat, and start to slowly twist. No excercising until 6 months, maybe longer.  Walking is my friend and will help me build back my stamina.  I increased my goal to 5000 steps per day! Blew that away yesterday!

Original post:

Sometimes doing what your mind wants to do and not listening to your body can really be challenging!

I’m a busy mom, like all mom’s I rarely sit down before 9:00 pm.  Since surgery, I feel like all I do is sit! I’m starting to feel anxious! Anxiety is not a fun feeling to have, especially when there really isn’t anything to be anxious about.  We have Tony ready for college and Joey is already in school! I guess I do feel anxious that I don’t have emergency diabetes supplies at his school! However I did email each teacher and let them know that Joey has type 1, and if they have questions they should call me.  Check that off the list, but I’m still anxious!

Recently it was back to school day at Joey’s high school, he’s a freshman, so it’s super exciting time for us. I have worked back-to-school day since Tony was a freshman, and now he is off to college! I couldn’t sign up for the same job that I did for those four years because it was too much bending, so I chose a simple job where I could just sit at a table and hand out stickers. What I didn’t (and never do) take into consideration is that although my duty at school was only a 2.5 hour shift, and I was sitting and could stand when I needed to for stretching purposes, it’s the total time that it takes for me to get ready, and that I am away from the house, that is the killer.

You know, it’s the shower before I leave, the up and down the stairs, etc. that although I didn’t do anything physical – I am literally exhausted by the end of a few hours! Wiped out!

I’ve been told that recovery takes anywhere from two months up to one year. After several months you’ll have a pretty good idea if the bone is fusing properly just by the way that you feel.  So far so good, I don’t have pain just soreness.

As far as the feelings of loneliness go, and depression, they still come and go!  With no one here but me, it can get lonely, even when people are here I can feel lonely! I don’t feel like shopping, and going out to eat is painful to sit.

At least the weekends have been busy and filled with fun activities, so it’s kind of nice to take it easy during the week.  Joe works an hour from home, so he is gone from dawn to dusk, I miss him during the day. 😩
 I threw away my last basket of flowers today, my friend brought them a few weeks ago, I nursed them to keep them alive as long as I could! It’s sad when all the beautiful flowers are gone, sounds silly but it’s true! I was beyond blessed with beautiful cards and flowers.  So tonight I bought myself some beautiful pink roses to put into an antique vase that my mom gave me years ago. The roses look beautiful in the vase, they make me smile!


see how small he is, in the circle.

My little Hummers are keeping me entertained, thankfully! One of them that I call Mary is only an inch long, but she’s fiesty!  Another one, George looks in our window! Joe was standing at the window in a red t-shirt, and here comes George over to have a look!  They keep me smiling!

To sum up week 4 of recovery, it’s hard. Your mind wants to do everything, your body won’t let you. The new feeling of anxiety has set in, along with pangs of loneliness and depression. Thankfully I am the freshman football team contact, and the football Booster club representative, so I have a lot of responsibilities during the day to keep me focused and busy!

Thanks for your continued prayers for my recovery, they mean the world to me!


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