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Back Surgery – Finally Scheduled

Six (6) years ago we had a trip planned to Disney World, then when we returned home I would have back surgery.  It was all on the calendar.  What wasn’t on the calendar was Type 1 Diabetes! 

I have had back problems since I was in my thirties, it’s called Degenerative Disc disease. I was experiencing terrible neck pain so ended up, after many other doctor visits,  going to an Ear, Noise & Throat specialist. When he called and said “I have some good news and some bad news, the bad news is you have the spine of an 80 year old, good news is that it can be fixed! It was really bad in my Cervical Spine so at age 41 I had a fusion at C5-6.  The fusion really took all of the pain away! Of course there was a lot of risk with that surgery! The surgeon went in through the front of my throat, pulled over the carotid artery to perform the fusion! Scary!! 

Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009 is the day that Joey was diagnosed with type 1. That diagnosis changed the course of the next 6 years, and certainly our Walt Disney trip and my surgery. 

Joey was only 8 years old on DD (diagnosis day) so I had to go to school everyday to dose him for lunch.  I’d also run to school every time there was a birthday treat, a food day, or any other time there was food offered at school. What some don’t realize is that every carb Joey eats must be covered by insulin. That first year of diagnosis is a tough one because trying to count carbs on a homemade birthday treat was challenging.  Having a newly diagnosed child is like having your first many unknowns and new experiences! So many “firsts.”

Even after that first year and into the 2nd year, Joey was only 9, in 3rd grade. Since he attended a private school there wasn’t a school nurse. We had a health room manned by moms, who were mostly RN’s by trade, but they couldn’t administer insulin. They were there to stop bloody noses, take temps and fix boo boos.  They did record Joey’s measurement every day at lunchtime.  I was there everyday to give his insulin and after he started giving himself  shots, I would still have to check the syringe to make sure it was the correct dosage. After he started on the pump it got easier but I still went to school to help him dose for parties and snacks. It was about a total of three ( 3 ) years that I went to school. 

I was asked to go on every field trip, from 2nd through 8th grade!! Again no nurse available so I was the best person to go along. It took the responsibility off of the staff and the school, and I was happy to oblige, even though Joey got sick of me being there for everything. 

During these years my back was getting worst. In January 2015 while clearing off the cars after a snowstorm, I fell and landed on my back, it’s really gotten worst.  I can’t do some of my favorite things like go on a walk around the block, exercise, and many other things.  

So it’s time to get a tune-up!  All the ducks are in a row, Joey is pretty much self-sufficient, and Tony will be here for him, to drive him to football, basketball and anywhere else he needs to go! Joe will be here for me! Yippee! 😀

 I have complete confidence in my neurosurgeon, he comes highly recommended by my own doctor and by my good friend who is an RN on the same floor in the hospital that I will be on!  She works with the patients that my doctor operates on! That’s the best  endorsement I could ask for!

So on Wednesday, July 15th, at 7:20 in the morning I will have a Lumbar Fusion. I would love your prayers for a successful surgery! 

I have a lot of other support as well. My church has a meal ministry, so we will have meals delivered starting on 7/20/15, for 6 weeks.  I’m hoping to have someone come in and clean the house also. 

This morning I found a beautiful Prayer Shawl in my door, from the Holy Apostles Prayer Shawl Ministry! What wonderful support! 

Oh, we did finally make it to Disney World, 2 years after Joey was diagnosed. 

I’m getting nervous, but know that I am in great hands, God’s Hands! 

Thanks in advance for your prayers!



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