My life with four kids

Irish Twins: Surviving Raising Them

My Irish Twinnies

As my daughter Jenny’s birthday is fast approaching, I am thinking about her and my son John – and how about how close they were as kids growing up.
They were so rambunctious that their grandma Marge would’nt babysit them together! She would take one and my mom would take the other! They were a handful at ages two and three! 

They are Irish twins, meaning they were born less than a year apart! Eleven and a half months to be exact.

People would stop me and ask if they were twins, Johnny was a lot bigger than Jenny but they still looked like twins. 

Jen’s birthday is July 13th and John has a big milestone birthday on July 30th! So they are the same age for 2 weeks. 
To say they were a handful is an understatement! Here’s a couple examples: 
John was two and a half, Jen one and a half, I woke up at 6:00 am to them laughing and talking. With these two you better believe that I slept with one eye open and an ear to the door! I get up and go in their bedroom to find both of them running their matchbox cars through chocolate Hersey powder! They are both covered in chocolate, as is their entire bedroom floor, bed, walls! They were licking their fingers along the way, I’ll let you imagine what that looked like. I called my mom and said “well, I can laugh about this or cry,” and since they were so darn cute, we laughed. The bath was the best, it looked like they were bathing in chocolate milk!  Here’s the thing, the Hersey powder was up very high in a cupboard! You can guess who climbed up there to get it down! 
Jenny and her pony! For Christmas she got one of those rocking horses on springs. I can’t tell you how many nights I would wake up to the sound of those springs going up and down! It wasn’t because I could hear it in my sleep because she rode the horse all day long, it was because she would climb out of bed at 3:00 AM and ride the thing! Always with her cowgirl hat on! 

The moment I knew I was in trouble (because of their closeness) was the day my mom and I took the kids shopping. Johnny was 16 months old, Jenny was 5 months. It was cold so she was dressed in the cutest pink one piece winter outfit. She was in the cart, Johnny walking next to it. Someone else in the aisle next to us had a little girl about the same age, also dressed in a pink jacket. Johnny thought that this was his sister in that cart and ran after the woman, pulling at her leg yelling “my sister! That’s my sister!” We laughed and assured him that his sister was right here with us!

Things always happened in the wee hours of the morning, this time it was  maybe 5:30 AM when I heard them talking.   Johnny was only 15 months old, Jen was months old. I went into their bedroom and to my horror Jenny was laying in Johnnys bed next to him and they were “talking!” She was suppose to be in her CRIB! He got her out of her crib SOMEHOW, to this day I can’t think about how it took place! Lol Hey she survived! 

I realize that I sound like a terrible mother, but I’m telling you everything happened after or before “hours!” 

We had a 20 gallon fish tank, the kids loved watching the fish, they would be entertained for hours, well, minutes anyway! One day I heard Johnny making the sound like he did when he would pretend his cars were crashing into each other. You know that sound that kids make. I look and he somehow had the bag of potatoes out and he was throwing them into the fish tank! He had his little boat in there too, I guess the boat was being bombarded by the boulders! (Which was pretty clever to use the potatoes!) Jenny was right there next to him telling him where to throw the next boulder!

My Irish twins are still close today! And I’m happy to say I survived and went on to add two more to the family, although it took me 21 years to do it! 

Another funny or interesting note is that I had my first two in July, the 13th and the 30th. And although not Irish twins, my next two were both born in April, the 18th and 27th! 


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