My life


Early this afternoon as Joe was making his famous egg bake, he yelled to me that “someone’s visiting, I hear footsteps upstairs.” I just responded with an “okay” because I was busy trying to finish a blog post that was overdue. This also shows how often we have odd things happening in our house, we’re all very nonchalant about it.

Ever since Joe’s mom, or Ma B as everyone knew her, passed away 6 years ago this month, it’s been quite active.  Joey has seen her at his bedroom door, we have heard her in the house and the dogs go crazy barking at air.  

My most memorable (and terrifying) incident that I have had is when I was sleeping on the couch, all of a sudden I awoke to the weirdest feeling I have ever experienced! It felt like something went straight through my body! Like a lightening bolt! Like someone literally WALKED through me. I wasn’t scared, freaked out is more like it. 

Recently, on Mother’s Day I was thinking about MA B, and my Grandma who passed away a few years back. I said to myself, “Ma B, if you are really here, show me a sign.” About 10 minutes later the wind picked up, no it was a gust of wind that nearly blew my cup off the table! Prior to this, and right afterward, there wasn’t a bit of wind!  I thanked her for showing me, and went on with my night. 

Back to today, joe asked Joey if he wanted to run to the hardware store with him. He ran upstairs to grab something and all

All of a sudden he starts yelling: “Oh my God, that was the craziest thing I have ever seen!!!”  By this time he’s at the top of the stairs scared to go any further. I am at the bottom and ask what was it? Thinking it was a spider or another bug. He says he opened the bathroom door and saw an Orb flash across the room! It was like lightening! Joe was like, “I told you all!” 

Later that afternoon I asked Tony to run up to grab something for me, he said “I’m not goi g up there!”  So me, Bruce Bax and Tony all went up to check it out. There wasn’t anything. I’m not afraid of the spirits that visit, they are just watching over us. 

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