Type 1 Diabetes

#DBLOG Week, Day 6, Favorites

diabetes blog week

#DBLOG week Saturday’s topic: If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blog post that you have ever written?  Is it diabetes related or just life related? 

beautiful treeI have two. I missed getting this post in yesterday because it was the nicest day here in Southeastern WI that we have had since last summer, and I got a lot of yard work done!  With two boys graduating next week, Joey from 8th grade, where he has been at school since 4K, and Tony from High School, hence the graduation party season starting, I needed to be outside supervising the yard work.

I have written a few favorite blog posts.  A couple have been for the Omnipod Suite D bloggers Site, where I can reach a huge audience and love the feedback that I receive.  This one was first posted on Omnipod’s site, after awhile, if they were successful on that site, I move them over to wordpress.com.

This first favorite was inspired by my friend Andrea, she had contacted me on facebook and asked me how she and her family could help a friend who had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Her son is best friends with the teen and they felt helpless. She thought about getting them a diabetes cookbook.  After explaining to her that the best thing they can give their friend is a shoulder to lean on, and a friend that will understand the disease so the kid can come over without mom worrying, is priceless.  I reached out to other parents and kids and asked them what they thought would be the perfect thing to give a family newly diagnosed. Here is the blog:


My 2nd all time favorite was written after someone said something to me that rocked me.  It was during Joey’s two year stint as the WI Youth Ambassador for the ADA.  He was super active in type 1 advocacy at the time so people in the diabetes world knew his story. I was at my older son’s teacher conferences and a woman approached me that I’ve known since our boys were in grade school. Her son was diagnosed at age 4, and was now a junior in high school. I asked her how he was doing, and she said, “not good, he really wants the pump but the doctors won’t give it to him because he won’t do the work necessary.” I then asked her if her son would like to join Joey and I at our next event, he could meet other teens with type 1, talk to them, you know, so he doesn’t feel so isolated.  Her response rocked me to my core. For the first time in a long time I was speechless, I wish I could see the look I must have had on my face. She said, very matter of factually: “He doesn’t want to be defined by his type 1 diabetes!”  Well, okay then. So your saying to me that I am putting my son out there to be defined by type 1 diabetes. That’s how I took it. So I wrote about it, and in the process I came to realize how fortunate I am, to have a son that is willing to “put himself out there,” to help other kids.  It has become one of my all time favorites.  Here it is:


I get inspired over the oddest things, that’s when I love to blog about our experiences. What inspires you?

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