Type 1 Diabetes

Purposeful Movements; The Terry Family

The Terry Family 2015

Please take a moment out of your busy day to read the story of this beautiful family. As you can see their only daughter Kycie is in a wheelchair. She hasn’t spoken since January 30th! The family didn’t know it but Kycie had type 1 diabetes.  Her blood sugar was over 1000 when she had the first of two seizures. Her brain had herniated into the brain stem, they were told that if she lives, she would be severely handicapped. They don’t know what the outcome will be, but their faith in God gets them through each and every day!

The family asks that we pray for purposeful movements. They are looking for signs that Kycie is “in there,” as their physical therapist put it. These purposeful “moments” give them hope that Kycie is “in there!”

Aren’t we all looking for those moments that remind us that our Lord is with us! Everyday, we look for purposeful moments in our lives to prove to us that God is with us or “in there.”  Of course we live with blind faith that God is within each of us, but aren’t the miracles that we experience in our daily lives just a wonderful reminder, or verification . As Kycie works hard for those purposeful movements, she  is in a hospital 5 hours from their home.  It’s not easy for her 5 brothers, who miss their sister so much, to get to see her. Dad Josh makes the five hour drive every Friday to be with his wife and daughter.  Thanks to technology the boys can Face Time with Kycie and their mom, but it’s not the same, they want to be together.  Jamie hasn’t been home since Kycie’s been in the hospital, this weekend she will go home for a couple days. Can you imagine how lonely it is for this family to be apart!  It will make them stronger, or break them apart, I know that God will keep them together. Their lives have been changed forever, as they adapt to their new normal, they will still look for those purposeful movements, praying, asking God to give them a miracle. Bring their little girl back to them. She’s IN THERE!

As I follow the Terry’s journey, I find myself wanting to hug my kids harder, keep them closer, tell them how much I love them, and I thank God for them, everyday.

Please keep the Terry family in your prayers.

You can follow their journey at:





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