Type 1 Diabetes

Joey’s getting Braces! Another Teenage Milestone!

Update: 4/15/2015  At Joey’s last appointment everyone was anticipating the Championship game between the WI Badgers and Duke, so everyone had their Badger spirit ware on, I mean everyone.  joey ortho So it was fun to watch the hustle and bustle of the office staff. An Orthodontist office is one of the busiest places I have ever seen. It’s amazing how many kids need braces and or other work in their mouths.  Since Joey sucked on his fingers between the ages of 0-3, he did a lot of damage in his mouth. In addition to having to expand his mouth, he has an overbite. So today, they added these little clips to the expander which changes the way his mouth opens and shuts. It was very uncomfortable the first day, to the point of almost tears, but by day two, he was already used to this new equipment in his mouth.  He is still struggling with food getting up and under the expander, but he is done turning it every night, so that pain is done. He did experience a new pain, they changed the wires for the first time.  This hurt. Tylenol was made readily available to him.  The thing is, I have to keep reminding myself that when his mouth hurts, he doesn’t eat, when he doesn’t eat, he can’t give himself insulin, which his body needs.  He keeps checking his gap, to see if it has started to close, it hasn’t. He endures the teasing from his brother and cousin.  They call him “Stahan” which he doesn’t mind, he takes it as a compliment.

Update: 4/3/2015 Joey laughs at how big the space is between his two front teeth! “It’s huge! I could fit a meal thought there!” Thankfully he was reassured that this is normal, and they will go back together! Food continues to get stuck in his expander, but he has learned to deal with it. He’s great at “dealing!” When a kid has type 1, or any other chronic illness that is with them daily, they deal well with things that might flatten someone else.  He goes for another appointment Monday where they will add another piece of equipment to his expander! I wish they would wait until after Spring break, but like Joey said: “It’s all good!”

Update: 3/18/2015

Things have calmed down for now. Joey has resumed eating almost everything but isn’t enjoying food. The culprit is – again the expander. It’s a huge piece of hardware that isn’t going anywhere for at least 9 months. In fact, to improve his bite they are going to be adding hardware to the hardware! (I am NOT looking forward to that.)

To put it in a nutshell, I asked Joey if he enjoyed the piece of cake I put in his lunch for St.Patty’s Day, his response was: “sure, I mean I don’t really taste my food, I take a bite and swallow it whole so it doesn’t get caught in my expander!” 😥

What makes me laugh about this photo is that on the left hand side of the poster it says “Go Braces Boy!” Lol

Update: 3/9/2015:  Joey is doing much better. He still has to turn his expander every night, but the pain is under control now. He did have a sore in his mouth, not caused by the braces – that bothered him a lot, but that’s also healing. Kids with type 1 have a longer healing time on cuts, sores, bruises, of course they do, why not? This past weekend was a special time for Joey’s HA basketball team. In the Catholic School world we start sports in 5th grade. The Padre Serra basketball tournament is a huge deal, it’s by invite only, and it’s like the Sweet 16 basketball tournament for 8th grade Catholic school teams.  I worried about Joey not being able to perform to his highest ability because of the pain the braces were causing. He did great, they won their first game so got to move on to a 2nd game.  Check out my new blog and pictures on the Padre weekend.  Coming soon.

Update 3/6/15: Things are not improving as far as eating and pain are concerned. Joey is still only eating yogurt, pudding and we’ve added pasta.  He also has some sores, like canker sores, not from the braces inside of his mouth, which really sucks. He’s pretty miserable. And his blood sugars are all over the place, he’s been low now every night at bedtime, he treats, then we find ourselves correcting two hours later. I’m pretty much up all night treating the highs and lows. But as I’ve said in the past, Diabetes doesn’t sleep, so neither do I!

Update 3/4/15:  Joey hasn’t been able to eat normally since he had his braces put on Monday. He is eating a lot of yogurt, pudding, and chocolate milk. His blood sugar has been all over the place, with extreme lows (48) and highs in the 200’s. He attributes the lows to “not eating” every hour like he normally does. His blood sugar was 48 with 1 unit of insulin on board, from his meal, so it would have dropped another 7 points. I am thankful that Joey feels his lows. I am hoping that day 3 is the charm, and he will come home asking for a turkey sandwich or even a hot dog!

Original post: The day is here! 14 years in the making. He blames me, says I should have “shoved” a pacifier in his mouth! Instead he sucked his fingers and really messed up his mouth. So today is the day, Joey is getting his braces on!

It’s been a long process, believe me he’s been asking for them since he was in 5th grade. Of course he still had most of his baby teeth so it wasn’t possible. A few months ago the last one fell out so the process began.

I don’t know if I should be concerned about type 1 and braces? I’ve never really thought about it other than that he might not be able to eat?

My fear came true that he would struggle to eat anything other than yogurt! It’s the expander that is causing the pain. We have to crank it every night for awhile, so it’s not going to improve anytime soon.

He had a two hour basketball practice last night, he went and didn’t complain. When he came home starving and only being able to both stomach and tolerate a yogurt, he was mad.

His blood sugar. It’s been all over the place. At 11:30pm it was 98, which although perfect, we worried because after practice blood sugars can be on the lower end for Joey, so he ate another yogurt! We didn’t cover it. He woke up this morning at 200, and was 300 by 9:00am. He corrected. His lunch number is high again, 233, and all he will eat is another yogurt and chocolate milk!

The insulin pump is a blessing through trials like this.  Last night when he was 98, we reduced the basal (insulin any given hourly) that he receives, super simple! It’s such a great tool to have with T1D!

Ok, I am off to the store for more, yes, you guessed it, yogurt!

I’ll keep updating this page to let you know how he is doing.

This to shall pass!


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