Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Strikes Again, Symptoms Overview

It’s important to me to get the word out with the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Please share this!

The woman is holding her precious child – who was in DKA. Her little girl’s hands were stiff, her entire body was stiff! Once they let her mom hold her, her body slowly started to relax. Her blood pressure is down, but they don’t know the extent of her brain damage. This just happened on Jan. 25th. One day, in an instant type 1 strikes, and devastates a family!
We are all Praying for Kacie!  Unfortunately, this scenario plays over and over again, all over the world. 

Parents of teens, don’t look away and think this can’t happen to your child because they are “to old.” Many kids are diagnosed in their teens! The day that Joey, Joe and I went to CHW for our diabetes 101 class, we shared the classroom with a 16 yr old boy and his mom. This young man had lost 16 lbs over the course of a couple months. Unexplained weight loss is a huge sign. Joey had lost 8 lbs at diagnosis. This teen was having a VERY hard time coming to grips with type 1! His old life as he knew it was GONE!

Sometimes I think it’s easier for a younger child to be diagnosed, by easier I mean that the younger they are, the less they remember life before type 1. My grandson Cooper was only 22 months, he doesn’t remember his life before type 1, my son Joey was 8 so he remembers.

I wish I would have stayed in touch with the mom of that 16 yr old. I know she was devastated for him, and worried about him because she couldn’t get through to him that he needed to cover his food with insulin! He figured if he ignored it-it would go away! I pray that he is doing well today, he’s 21 yrs old now!

This yr is Joey’s 6th Diaversary! Hard to believe!  Seems like yesterday that we diagnosed him on our couch in the living room.

If your child/teen/young adult shows any or all of these signs, ask your doctor to test for type 1, they can do a urine test, finger prick or even cotton in the diaper, like they did for Cooper!

1 in 3 kids will be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes! Know the symptoms.  Don’t think that because diabetes doesn’t run in your family that your kids are exempt.

Here are the symptoms, remember they don’t have to have all of these symptoms! Joey’s symptoms were lethargy, thirsty, hungry, wet his pants day off diagnosis, and unknown to us at the time, he had lost 8 lbs.


Stomach pain
Extreme or increased thirst
Unintended Weight loss (weigh your kids today for a baseline)
Stomachache & vomiting
Cranky or moody
Fruity smelling breathe
Frequent urination
Bed wetting (New to child)
Extreme hunger
Fatigue and weakness
Blurred vision

You see how a lot of these symptoms mirror the flu. These symptoms can progress over time or come on all of a sudden! From the time I first remember Joey’s lethargy to his wetting his pants while wrestling his brother was a few days! We diagnosed him the day he wet his pants! His blood sugar was 466. Dangerously high, but surprisingly low for diagnosis.

Please pray and send positive thoughts to this little girl and her devastated family!

God Bless!


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