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Common sense, are you born with it?

You can teach lessons, but can you teach common sense? My 13 year old thinks that you “learn” common sense throughout the years! I think you are born with it.

Here are a couple of situations that prompted the question:

I gave the Barista at Starbucks my Gold Starbucks Rewards Card, and ordered two tall coffees. There was only $0.53 on the card so I handed her my Visa card to reload the gold card. She proceeded to charge my Visa to load my Starbucks card AND she charged the coffee purchase to my Visa.

I looked at the receipt and asked her if she charged my coffees to the Starbucks card or my Visa? She looked at me with a blank expression. When I asked her why she didn’t use the Starbucks reward card to pay for the coffees she responded that since I still had $0.53 on the Starbucks card I would get the points for the purchase?? Didn’t answer my question, not even sure if she understood my question.

Scenario # 2, my son’s girlfriend, who we all like a lot, and I felt like she has common sense, wanted to surprise Tony with an invitation to the Twirp dance, it’s the dance where the girls ask the boys. Joey quickly told us that the word Twirp means “TheWomanIsRequiredToPay.” Anyway, she asked Joey to let her in through the side gate to our backyard. He did, so she snuck in and surprised Tony.

Fast forward two days. We let the dogs out to the “fenced in” backyard. Joe happens to look out the dining room window where there stood our two dogs, at the OPEN gate! I text Tony: “your brother let your girlfriend in the gate to surprise you and the gate was left open.” I was alluding to poor judgement or lack of common sense since #1 we have dogs, and #2 we have a build in pool. (#2 isn’t horrible because it’s winter and the cover is on, but the rule is Always close the gates!

Guess what Tony says to me? “Oh yeah, she (girlfriend) texted me after she got home (2 days prior) and told me to close the gate because she just remembered that she left it open!” How did I respond? I’ll leave that to your imagination. 😥 Good news is that it confirmed that his girlfriend DOES have common sense! Tony (and Joey) on the other hand, well the verdict is still out.

So this leads me to my question, are you born with common sense or can you learn it?



2 thoughts on “Common sense, are you born with it?

  1. Good point! I think you are born with it. I think….

    If I can help explain the Starbucks situation- although she should have known what you are talking about…. the tills may have given her tunnel vision. They automatically give her the option to reload the card after she takes all the money off. She would have to undo the whole transaction and start again- reload and then charge the coffees. Again, totally do-able, but takes longer which a majority of customers do not appreciate.
    I don’t understand how she didn’t know how to answer you though…

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