Type 1 Diabetes

Messing with life support again!

Frustrated beyond frustrated! How would you handle this: called Apria , our test strip provider to order the specific brand of test strips for Joey’s pump. It has a built in meter so you have to buy the specific brand.

Our medical insurance always paid for them as it’s a diabetes related item. When we called Apria to place our refill, they told us that they are no longer in contract with UHC for the strips we need.

Our next call was to UHC to see who we should call to order the strips, they tell us, get ready for it, that they don’t cover test strips at all anymore, we now have to call Express Strips, formerly Medco, who is our pharmaceutical provider.

Why weren’t we notified of this? I’m just curious? So now the calls begin, the first thing we must do is call the Endo dept at Children’s hospital to ask if they would please call Express Scripts and preauthorize the strips based on our Omnipod pump.  You see, it’s this particular strip that our insurance doesn’t want to pay for!

Okay, that is done and like always the nurse at the clinic who handles these requests gets it done lickidy split! Everyone loves Lisa!

So now we have to give her request 24-48 hours to be noted, then we can call Express Scripts and hopefully order the test strips that are a part of Joey’s life support.


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