Type 1 Diabetes

Tears, Emotions, T1D

Have you ever thought about crying and emotions? Why, when and where do you get emotional, what makes you cry. What makes you go into the “ugly cry?” Maybe a Hallmark movie, or a Budweiser commercial during the Holiday’s? Or type 1 diabetes?

I cry for a couple reasons, but I get emotional over many things. Like when I see a child hurt, a soldier coming home to his family, when I think about the day my mother in-law passed away. I can’t stand to see the stories about animal cruelty, or someone being killed by a drunk driver! I get emotional thinking about my son Tony going off to college in the fall. That will bring tears!

Crying is a different type of emotion for me, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it comes from a place of deep emotion, usually accompanied by a lump in my throat! And it’s always related to Joey having Type 1 Diabetes. During the first year of his diagnosis I cried a lot, then it got better, then worse, then as more time passed I cried less, and for different reasons!

Joey's bloody finger

Now it seems to hit me at night, usually when I do the 2:00 am blood sugar check. Or in the morning, like this morning! He is off for Christmas break so he goes to bed later, so our times are off for overnight checks. I always wake him before I leave for work in the morning. This morning when he struggled to get a tiny bit of blood out of his callused fingers, I could feel the lump in my throat start! Then when he finally got blood it came out like a gusher! I told him not to worry about the blood, that’s why I bought red sheets for his bed!

I kept my composure until I got to the car, then I cried! Yes it’s been 5 years, 7 months, 26 days and I still have my random acts of crying because of type 1 diabetes!

The day that we diagnosed Joey is forever cemented in my memory! It was Mother’s Day, 2009, after we pricked his finger and saw the 466 BS number my daughter and I got into the car to get dinner, and call my friend Bill who is a pediatrician! My daughter cried that day, because she has a son with type 1, and now her little brother has it! I didn’t cry, not yet.

I’ll never forget that next day as we sat in the Dr.’s office, waiting to get the official diagnosis, we already knew but we had to Hear the words! I was holding back the tears, a huge lump in my throat! I had to be strong for my boy, I couldn’t let him see how scared I was! That day (and many other days) I cried in the shower!

I kept it together, until he returned to school for his spring concert. A family had been diagnosed 6 months earlier, and when I saw the Mom in the crowded church we hugged and cried! Didn’t even speak, just cried together!

I remember crying one night when he was sledding with his friends. He had to sit at the top of the hill until his BS came back up, all the sledding and physical activity made his Bs low, so he drank a juice pouch-and waited, alone, at the top of that hill! I was in the car, watching and crying!
joey sledding sitting on rock

I cried when Joey received an award from Dr. Shailendra Patel, Chief of Endocrinology at Froedtert Hospital, and the President of the American Diabetes Assn. of WI. He had beautiful, kind words to say about Joey, my son! I cried during Joey’s speech, I was so impressed by the young man he has become, especially the diabetes advocate that he has become!

Joey Gala
Joey speaking at the Gala
Joey Gala dr patel
Dr. Patel commenting how much Joey has grown!

I cry because I’m so proud of the young man that Joey has become. After his speech, the VP of the Harley Davidson Museum came over to meet him, and tell him how impressed he is by him! That of course made me cry. At least these are tears of joy, which I have had many of those in the past 5 yrs, 7 months and 26 days!

Joey and Bill Davidson


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