Type 1 Diabetes

Where’s our Life Support??

UPDATE: April 6, 2015 It was time to get our pods again, and guess what, we had the same issues again! This time I called two weeks before the due date because I wanted to ensure that we would get them on time.  To make a long story short, we went with Express Scripts and got them within a couple of days, and for half the price!

We received our pods today, PTL. One of the things that I omitted from the original blog post was that my husband Joe asked numerous times if a higher level manager could call him back to discuss the situation and get some resolution as to how this can be fixed for future customers. One of the supervisors told Joe this:
“It’s hard to get a upper manager to call a customer because they are in meetings ALL DAY LONG!” NOW GET THIS: Today I posted this blog entry on Twitter, and tagged Edgepark. A REPRESENTATIVE FROM THE SOCIAL MEDIA DEPARTMENT AT EDGEPARK CALLED US! Why do I have to post on social media to get a reaction? Or a callback? Take care of your customers Edgepark!! My thought is this: Maybe if your upper managers weren’t in meetings all day, probably talking about “how to” take care of customers, and grow more customers, FOCUS more on ME, YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMER, and this wouldn’t be a problem!

Original post:
I don’t like to be negative, or complain, but I am at my wits end with the company, Edgepark, that provides us with Joey’s pods. The pod holds and delivers the insulin to Joey’s body. Our shipment of 5 boxes (10 pods in each box) was supposed to be shipped on the 23rd, with overnight shipping. This was the 1st available date for shipping based on the 3 month supply. We notified Edgepark on December 13th that we would need the pods as soon as they were released for shipping.

At this point, on 12/23, we had 3 pods left, which isn’t bad, because they are changed every 3 days – IN A PERFECT WORLD. One wrong bump during basketball can make the cannula come out, even static can deactivate a pod!

To make a long story short, after spending many hours over this holiday season on the phone with Edgepark, we were promised that we would have them on the 24th, didn’t arrive, then on the 26th, not here, then Saturday, didn’t show, promised for Monday, which is today and guess what? No pods! The order was messed up and the supervisor who we spoke to on Saturday, promising delivery for today, basically lied to us, because the warehouse wasn’t even open over the weekend to fulfill the order! We are having that conversations’ tape pulled! It’s not our intention to get her in trouble, but this system needs to be fixed.

Thank God for the support groups that we have been exposed to through social media. We have met many families in our same situation, running out of an essential supply before the new shipment arrives. I called my friend Jodi (who without blinking an eye) came to our rescue and gave us 4 pods to get through until Joey’s shipment arrives. Jodi’s son Jack is Joey’s age, they are both very active boys, so she understands the stress of being low on pods! Our T1D community rocks!

Some may wonder why we don’t just use syringes to give Joey his insulin (if we run out of pods) but it’s not that simple. When you use an insulin pump you rely on the insulin for 24 hours of insulin delivery. Sure we could dose Joey for his meals with a syringe, but then he wouldn’t be getting his “back ground” insulin which the pump delivers.

This is just one more aspect of this disease that sucks, and most don’t realize that we have to worry about this type of thing. These supplies are Joey’s life support! I wish the representatives at Edgepark would realize that we aren’t ordering band-aids, we are ordering the supplies that keep my son ALIVE!

Insulin isn’t a cure, it’s life support!



3 thoughts on “Where’s our Life Support??

  1. I have had the same issues with Edgepark. For now we are MDI but use a CGM and the supplies come from Edgepark. Our insurance requires us to go through this company or, believe me, I would not!

  2. I live in the middle of the desert in Western Australia six hours from pump savy educators, because of the remoteness of my region I contacted the pump companies and chemists and now if anything happens I can be contacted with spares. You know if there are no support networks where you are you have to build your own. All I have to say is thank GOD for the best support network invented Facebook… We use an honour system of if you use something you replace it and it works well…

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