Type 1 Diabetes

Seeing the Miracles, sometimes tripping over them!

I BelieveI believe in God. He is my Lord and my Savior and I believe that he died for my sins.

I also believe that there are many miracles that he performs in my life every day, that most would chalk up to coincidence. I’d like to share a couple with you. I will post a miracle day for a few days.

Here is one of my miracles:

Today is a miracle that most would call good luck on Joey’s side. I stayed home from work today, not feeling well. I haven’t had a sick day, I like to save my sick time for an emergency. Today was different I woke up not feeling great, normally I would just pull myself out of bed but I decided to stay home.  At 11:30 this morning I got a call from Joey stating that he had forgotten his lunch. Normally not that big of a deal because Joe is home a lot during the day so he would’ve just take it to him. But this week Joe happens to be in Chicago. Had I not been home, I would’ve had a child with type one diabetes, with no lunch. Joey’s school changed to a different method of providing hot lunches for the kids – where they have to be pre-ordered a month in advance. Before it wouldn’t have been a problem since they had a few extra lunches on hand.

Joey lucked out today, or as I like to see it, it was one of those little Miracles that I thank God for! You see for a kid with type one who doesn’t eat breakfast this could have been dangerous. In my eyes this was a gift from my God.


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