Type 1 Diabetes

Christmas Miracles

My daughter Jenny, my mom Nancy, and me in 2014.
My daughter Jenny, my mom Nancy, and me in 2014.
One Christmas miracle happened in 2003, after my mom and dad came to town for Christmas. My mom had been having headaches at Thanksgiving, she went to the doctor and they told her that she had the flu. Now, these headaches weren’t normal headaches, they were the kind of headaches that put you in bed, the worst headaches of your life! Because her doctors told her more than once that she had the flu, she endured the pain.

By Sunday my mom was back in bed, complaining that her headache was back. I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital, she said no. I told her that if they were still bad on Monday, I was making an appointment with my doctor. I got a call at work on Monday that she thought she should see my Dr. As a side note, I love my doctor. I love that she’s a woman and I love that she knows our bodies. She knew something wasn’t right so she sent us over to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital for a CAT scan. That day would change Christmas 2003!And a Miracle was about to happen!

The first miracle was with the neurologists at WMH, they knew if they went in to do surgery, the outcome might not be positive. So they contacted a Dr. at Froedtert Hospital, who was on Holiday, but would return in January and would do a procedure called Endovascular coiling, which is a minimally invasive technique, which means an incision in the skull is not required to treat the brain aneurysm. Rather, a catheter is used to reach the aneurysm in the brain. During endovascular coiling, a catheter is passed through the groin up into the artery containing the aneurysm. This was relatively new procedure in the U.S. only a handful of Dr.’s were performing it. We were blessed!

My mom was in so much pain that they kept her pretty sedated at Waukesha Memorial, she could talk, but she didn’t get out of bed. I often think that we could have caused a lot of damage by insisting that she be allowed out of bed for Christmas Eve, we wheeled her to a special waiting room that we used to celebrate Christmas, about 20 of us. Looking back, and knowing what I know now, we shouldn’t of done that.
Waukesha Memorial Hospital was a blessing, my mom was there for 17 days, she was in a very nice, big and new room. There was a couch that I slept on every night, my dad had a nice comfy chair next to the bed, where he spend the days, the two of us were my mom’s patient advocates. I remember feeling anxious every time I left to go home and shower, I couldn’t stay away long, in case she needed me.

It was a miracle that Joe was off work at this time, so I didn’t have to spend one minute worrying about my two little boys at home. I know they were in good hands.

As I look back on this time, I see a lot of little miracles, like the Christmas Angel tree that I took to my mom’s room, where new Angel ornaments would appear on the tree! The nurses are the best at WMH!

It is a true miracle that my mom is alive and doing great, not many people can say that they lived after having a double brain bleed!

After being transported to Froedtert for the coiling procedure, my mom literally walked out of the hospital 48 hours later, and is still alive and healthy today!

As we were walking out of the hospital the Dr. said to my mom: “you are a walking miracle, you have been given a second chance at life! We are so blessed to have this miracle in our lives!


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