Type 1 Diabetes

T1D Awareness Junkie

This week I am so happy to be a participant in the 5th Annual Diabetes Blog Week! Each day we are given a topic to write about. Today’s topic is about what our passions are related to type 1 diabetes.

As those that follow my blog know, my family is super passionate about spreading awareness about T1 diabetes. We like to share the differences between T1 and T2, and also explain how T1 is a autoimmune disease.

One of the misconceptions is that people with diabetes in general have it because they’ve eaten too many sweets or because they don’t take care of themselves, don’t exercise, etc. Every time someone finds out that Joey has diabetes they say “wow, he isn’t overweight!” We use these misconceptions, and use them as a time to educate.

My 13 year old son Joey is the American Diabetes Association’s 2014 youth ambassador, he uses this platform to share his passion, which is to let other kids know that they shouldn’t be embarrassed about T1D. He tells kids that they should just be themselves, that their friends will still be their friends. So don’t be embarrassed when you have to check your blood sugar in front of them.

Joey also likes to tell people that he can do whatever he wants to, like play football, he just has to put a little bit more effort into it than his teammates! Like checking his blood sugar more often than normal, and making sure he eats well before practice or a game and that he’s hydrated! Also at school, he has to test his blood sugar before a test to make sure that his number is in range.

Our pet peeve is when someone, usually a celebrity makes a joke about diabetes. Even though they are usually referring to type 2, it makes us mad, because it puts that negative perception out there.

Our family is very passionate about fundraising for a cure for T1. We have raised over $30,000 for a cure! We will continue our education, and fundraising for as long as people will listen and continue to support us.


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