Type 1 Diabetes

T1D Cure??!!??

How many of YOUR “friends” have discovered the cure for type 1 diabetes? Seems like a lot of people have the answers but just haven’t gotten them to the right scientists yet!

We had Joey’s 3 month check-up last week, and our Endocrinologist didn’t give us the exciting news that there’s a cure! Why would he keep something that HUGE from us?

He didn’t even tell us that if we soak Okra plants in water and then have Joey drink the water, he’ll be cured! It’s so simple, why wouldn’t he share that?? He also forgot to mention the Gluten Free Diet, and how about the “add cinnamon” to your diet cure? All you do is as add a spoonful of cinnamon and it regulates your blood sugar to the point of not needing to take insulin!!!

Really Dr Endocrinologist, why didn’t you tell us that he would be cured if we would just simply withhold cookies and cupcakes! Or that he will “grow out of type 1?”

We have wonderful “friends” that love to share their remedies for a cure, because you know that their aunt had diabetes and didn’t take care of herself, ended up losing her leg! As much as we appreciate your concern, I’m sure that my son might have been a little freaked out from that story!

I am at a loss for words knowing that so many of my “friends” whose kids are healthy knew about the cure for T1D before I did!

We will certainly try them all first thing in the morning and get back to you with the results!

In all honesty, and kidding aside, I hear about “friends” emailing these “cures” to my real friends in the diabetes community and it makes me furious!

Please stop implying that if we would just do this or that, our kids will be cured! Until there is a way for the Beta Cells to start producing insulin again, there is no cure! We appreciate the concern, however we’ll wait for the specialists to tell us that there is a cure for type 1 diabetes! That will be a day of so much Joy, we’ll be sure to let you know!


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