Type 1 Diabetes

Did someone say Service?

Joey is an incredible kid, willing to put himself out there to represent the thousands of kids with type 1 diabetes.  He really does have a strong sense of responsibility to being the teenage face of type 1 diabetes, meaning that he is funny, well liked, a good student, he’s healthy, good at sports, loves to play X-Box, basically all the things that spell: Teenager!  He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him, or to even look at him as being different.  As he puts it: “I didn’t ask for this disease, so why be embarrassed about it.  And why hide it? If you hide something, there is always the fear that someone will “find out!”  It’s better to be up front and honest with your friends, when new friends come along, just test in front of them, they will have questions, so answer them and get on with it.”

How can I not be proud? This month Joey went to the American Diabetes AssociationImage‘s office and recorded an invitation to the Tour de Cure kick-off party which is being held this month.  Take a look at the video, he’s certainly growing up, he isn’t the youngster that started as the 2013 Youth Ambassador, he’s now a month away from being an official teenager!

Our Church Parish has a monthly newsletter and Joey was mentioned in it this month.  The story is about kids in middle school that do service work in the community.  Kids at HA are required to have at least 15-20 hours of service, some of which needs to be done outside of their school.  Joey donated about 25 hours to the ADA last year making appearances at the various events, including going to Madison twice to speak to Lawmaker’s. In addition to the work that Joey does for the ADA, he also Rang the Bell for the Salvation Army, I can’t lie, I’m very proud of Joey. Check out the short story on page 9.


If you’d like to support Joey in his Ride for his Life, the Tour de Cure, please visit his personal page:



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