Type 1 Diabetes

Sometime it’s to much.

Sometimes it’s to much.  As a parent of a child with a chronic illness,  sometimes it’s to much.  Not just dealing with the disease itself, but hearing about so many sick kids.   We probably are more in-tune to other diseases, because we deal with our own every day.

 Our T1D community just lost another young life, on Christmas Day.  He was 16, his blood sugar was so high he went into a coma, no brain activity. The family had to make that decision that no-one wants to make.  How do you make it? They blessed other families with Organ donation.  In death, he saved many other precious children’s lives.  In our T1D community we use a blue candle in our profile to honor the child that passed away.

blue candel

We are praying for our friend Greg right now, he’s only 15 years old and has so much to do in his life.  He has been fighting for 18 months to beat cancer. He is still fighting, all of his chemo options and the clinical trial have ended, but we are all praying for God to hear our prayers and give us a miracle for Greg.

help greg

I recently saw a story on Fox 6 news about a family right near us, they have 5 children,  two of their boys have Battens Disease,  which is a fatal disease, which takes children’s lives by their teen years.  Their 6 year old son just passed away this month.  His little brother, who is 4, has the same disease.  That’s two terminal  diagnoses.

I try to stay positive, would never let Joey see me down about his type 1, or life in general.  But sometimes it’s just to much to mask.  I can’t always be up, on days like today,  I just need to have a good cry and get on with life….even though it feels like it’s to much emotionally, I feel better when I pray.

Dear Lord,

Please hear our prayers.  Please help us find a cure for all of the diseases that take our children from us to early.   Please bring peace to those that have lost their children to illness.  You are the one that I turn to Lord, to give me strength to get through every day with a child with a chronic illness.   Please give us the strength to continue to fight, and to offer ourselves to those that need our our support and  prayer.   Amen.


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