Type 1 Diabetes

My AHA Moment

Recently a member of a facebook group asked us for the positive aspects of having type 1 diabetes in our lives. They also have a child with T1, so it wasn't an unusual question, considering we are always looking for positive aspects. There are many struggles with T1, so finding the good things makes us feel better and offers encouragement where there isn’t normally anything good about a disease that doesn’t have a cure, and sometimes does the unthinkable.

Finding Blessings

I shared that our families’ biggest positive has to be how our lives have been enriched by all of the families that we have met with type 1. And the love and support shown to us by our family and friends is truly amazing.

Another positive for me is this blog and the posts that I write for Omnipod’s Suite D, Joey is even a guest blogger in a series for Omnipod. It’s called Tackling Diabetes, the journey of Joey, professional football player Jake Byrne, Jake’s mom Holly and me. Check it out: http://suited.myomnipod.com/joey/playing-football-with-diabetes/

My Role as Joey’s Agent

This summer has been busy, fun, exciting and exhausting all at once. I have taken on the role of Joey’s “agent.” He has so much going on with his duties as Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association, and with Joey and Jake’s football story. That story has really gotten a lot of press, captivated football lovers. He has been interviewed by two TV stations, and will have a 3rd and 4th interview in a few days! It’s my job to make sure Joey is where he is supposed to be on any given day, so far, so good.

A Fun Day In Madison

We are heading to Madison this weekend for a Mallards baseball game. The Mallards are a collegiate baseball team in the Northwoods Collegiate League. The teams are comprised of players from colleges all over the country from Washington to right here in Milwaukee.

Guest Speaker – Joey

The ADA has invited Joey to speak at the tailgate party hosted by Novo Nordisk, which is a company that produces insulin. He started thinking about what he will say, he gets nervous, but loves speaking at these events.

I Had an Aha Moment

I’ve noticed Novo Nordisk at several events this year, so I wanted to find out a little bit about them. There are basically two different brands of insulin offered at diagnosis, Humalog, by Lilly, and NovoLog, by Novo Nordisk. We are currently using Humalog, but will be making the switch to NovoLog as soon as we reorder. It was like a light bulb went off in my head…we can change our insulin! And we will.

I am so impressed by Novo, they sponsored the Slam Dunk for A Cure basketball camp that Joey attended in July, they sponsor the ADA Diabetes Camp for kids, and they were at the State Capitol for Diabetes Day at the Capitol. They held a fundraiser for the ADA at each of the home Mallards games; each time the Mallards team made a double play, they added money to a fund. They will present a check to the ADA at the game on Saturday. Joey will accept the check from Novo on behalf of the American Diabetes Association.

Novo Nordisk – They Deserve Our Business

I believe in putting your money where your mouth is, and Novo Nordisk has proven to me that are doing just that. They could be sitting back collecting their millions, because face it, without insulin, my child, and millions of others would die. But they are out there, giving back. Hoorah for them!!

More TV Interviews

Before the tailgate gets underway, Joey will be interviewed by two Madison TV stations, a Fox affiliate, and an ABC affiliate. They both want to hear about Joey’s relationship with professional football player Jake Byrne. It’s a great story, and people don’t seem to get tired of it. So as long as there is interest, Joey will tell it, and it’s especially fun since we’re back in football season!!

Thanks for your continued support by reading and passing along our blogs. Joey’s platform this year as the ADA Ambassador is education, we are trying to make a difference, we’ve been presented with an opportunity, or to us, another positive, a blessing!


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