Type 1 Diabetes

Fox 6, Tom Pipines Sports Interview with Joey

We have had so many exciting opportunities with Joey being the Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association, and of course with his pump company, OMNIPOD being a huge factor in Joey’s success with type 1 diabetes.   Here is a little glimpse into Joey’s world, as reported by our Local Fox 6 Sports Reporter, Tom… Continue reading Fox 6, Tom Pipines Sports Interview with Joey

Type 1 Diabetes

Support Comes in so Many Ways!


We just want to say thank you for the continued support to help us find a cure for type 1 diabetes. You have been a blessing to our family. Over the past 5 years we have raised over $32,000 for type 1 diabetes research. We are so proud of that, but couldn’t have done it without friends like you. Maybe you didn’t donate money, but walked with us, or “liked” a post on facebook, so more people would see it. Regardless of how you’ve been there for us, we appreciate it.
Because you have been a supporter of Joey’s quest for a cure for type 1 from the beginning, we’d like to share a few of Joey’s accomplishments. We believe that it’s been your show of support that has given him the confidence to speak before hundreds of people, or in front of a TV camera, or in front of our State Senator’s and other law-makers. Here are a few of the amazing opportunities that Joey has had since becoming the American Diabetes Association’s 2013 Youth Ambassador:
1. Spoke at the ADA’s Family Link Event uniting first time kids that will be attending diabetes camp.
2. Was interviewed at our home by Tom Pipines for an upcoming Fox 6 Sports report on Joey, Jake Byrne (former WI Badgers TE, now vying to keep his spot on the Houston Texans) and how diabetes doesn’t hold them back. The segment airs on Sunday, July 21st, on Fox 6, at 9:30 pm.
3. Spoke at the Tour de Cure ride to stop diabetes, and rode in the event. Raised over $4,000 for research!!
4. Went to Camp Lakota (diabetes camp sponsored by the ADA and the WI Lions Camp) as the Ambassador, while there was contacted by local ABC affiliate who asked to interview Joey for a sports segment on their news, which was also picked up by WISN and shown last week. To see the entire sports story with video, go to: http://www.myfoxwausau.com/story/22788411/2013/07/08/wisconsin-boy-football-player-show-diabetes-cant-stop-them
5. August 10th: On behalf of the ADA, Joey will appear and speak at the Mallard’s baseball game in Madison, he will appear in the ESPN booth for an interview with retired baseball player who also has type 1 diabetes.
6. Participated in the Diabetes Day at the Capitol; he went before 4 different law-makers and spoke about type 1 diabetes: the cause, the cost and the fact that there isn’t a cure.
7. Wrote a blog entry for Omnipod (his pump company) that is part of a series with Jake Byrne, myself, and Jake’s mom Holly. Go here to read: It’s called Tackling Diabetes Series: http://suited.myomnipod.com/blogger-series/
8. Robocall for the American Diabetes Association where he recorded a message that was sent to thousands to promote the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes walk in Milwaukee on October 19th. Please join us as Joey will kick off the event. http://main.diabetes.org/goto/Joeyspage
Why are we telling you all this? In addition to being VERY proud of Joey for making diabetes education his platform this year as the Ambassador, we want to show you that he is out there, advocating for Type 1 research, he isn’t just asking friends and family for their hard earned money, he is also working hard to make a difference.
He still has a lot of fun events ahead: The Walk to Stop Diabetes in October, and the Gala in November, he has a magazine article coming out in October, written by Professional football player Jake Byrne, about Joey. He has the event at the Mallard’s game in August. Joey realizes how important it is to be seen and heard, he loves to motivate others to follow their dreams. It’s like the football quote from Lou Holtz: “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ― Lou Holtz We are so proud of Joey’s attitude, and how well he is representing type 1 diabetes.
Joey wants to be a part of the team that finds a cure for type 1, and he is definitely working hard to make you proud of him, because you are a huge part of his team!
Thanks for letting us take this opportunity to show you how you are helping Joey grow as a confident, funny, happy go lucky kid, even with a disease that makes him prick his fingers up to 8 times a day, or count every carb that he eats and then cover it with insulin, and even as he endures Joe and I waking him up every night at midnight and 2:00 am to check his blood sugar! Thank you!
May your family receive as many blessings as we have.
Thank you,
The Balistrieri Family


Type 1 Diabetes

Omnipod Blog Series – Tackling Diabetes

Joey has kept us very busy this summer.  As the Youth Ambassador for the ADA, we’ve had so many wonderful opportunities.  Omnipod has also offered many endeavors that we’ve taken part in, and love it. Omnipod has a blog series, and this month our family, along with Jake Byrne and his family, are the featured… Continue reading Omnipod Blog Series – Tackling Diabetes