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Joey’s Birthday Celebration – Diabetes Ugly came Univited

Joey's Favorite Birthday Treat
Joey’s Favorite Birthday Treat

This year we celebrated both boys birthday’s together, it’s so much easier since they are only 9 days apart.  We always make the boys their favorite dessert for their special day.  This year Joey picked a Cookie Cake for his,  and just happened to mention to Aunt Jan that he also loves chocolate cake. Tony picked Aunt Jan’s Banana Torte.  She always makes Tony’s dessert, either the Torte or her famous Banana Creme Pie.  They are both to die for.  Not easy to dose for.

I ordered Joey’s Cookie from a local bakery, they gobbed on the frosting,  just like he loves it.  I was praying for the nutritional information to be on the bottom of the Cookie, no such luck.  Gonna be a hard one to figure out the carbohydrates, along with the  Banana Torte and Chocolate cake.  That cake was so heavy, and had chocolate chips in it, so it was like a double-double chocolate.  A nightmare. But so good. ha-ha

All the kids that were here wanted to dig into that cookie before we even had lunch.   There is something about a giant cookie with frosting that drives a kid wild.  Including Joey!  He wanted that cookie so badly, before dinner, and wouldn’t let up.  He was acting kind of sassy, so I had him give me a blood sugar.  He was in the 300’s.  That explained why he was acting the way he was.  Joey is a very mellow kid, so when he is angry, or sassy, I know his blood sugar is either to high, or to low.

It was a beautiful day so some of our guests were sitting outside, and a few of us were sitting at the kitchen table.  That’s where Joey sat down and insisted on having a piece of the cookie.  He wasn’t taking no for an answer, even though I explained that number 1 it’s before lunch, and number 2, his blood sugar was to high to eat anything, let alone a cookie full of frosting.

At times like this, I try to stay patient and understand what he is going through.  Like I said before, Joey is a great, mellow kid.  Not a lot bothers him, he is always willing to help me around the house, he keeps his room spotless, and he is very conscientiousness with things like his homework.  He truly wants to do the best he can.  So when his blood sugar is high, I try really hard to stay calm.  Today though, after being up multiple times during the night checking his blood sugar, I got a little snappy myself.  I had to put my foot down, in front of my sister in-law, my niece, my sister, and Joe.  So, in a nutshell, Joey stormed off, mad and probably a little embarrassed because I had to get firm with him.

The reaction from Joe was in defense of Joey, and my sister in-law took his side as well.  🙂  Of course, Joey is her Godson, and she spoils him.  The day before they were at Joey’s school for Share Your Faith day, which used to be Grandparent’s Day until to many kids didn’t have Grandparents to attend with them.  So they changed the day to where you bring a special person in your life, you attend mass, then have snacks and an open house.  Joey always asks his Godmother to attend with him, they have a special bond.

I felt kind of ganged up on, even snapped to Joe that I am the primary diabetes care giver so butt out.  I found myself, defending my actions.  Which in retrospect I wish I would have been a little more understanding, but then again, how many times do I have to say “NO” before it sinks in?  High blood sugar is like the devil, it appears out of no where and is very ugly.  Everyone reacts differently to their blood sugar being high, and for Joey, it’s always been defiance.   I have actually gotten mad at Joe for losing his patience with Joey during a high blood sugar, its a tug of war, or a tug of emotions.

So, the moral of the story is that even if it’s your 12th birthday party, and you didn’t invite type 1 diabetes, it crashes the party.  But, we all got over it, Joey had his cookie cake, and chocolate cake, and we enjoyed ourselves.  And as I look back at that situation, I’m kind of glad it happened in front of others, it may have opened their eyes to another fact about diabetes, it causes chaos at times even though we try our best to not let it.  We say that type 1 doesn’t run our lives, we control it, but it’s just not always true, some days it gets the best of us.

The desserts
The desserts

2 thoughts on “Joey’s Birthday Celebration – Diabetes Ugly came Univited

  1. I just found your blog when I was searching out stay at home moms of children with type 1 diabetes. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed on April 12, 2013. My husband and I decided to home school both of our children at the beginning of the school year (August 2012) so we were home schooling before diagnosis. I couldn’t imagine sending them back to public school before the diagnosis and now after, it just clinches it. I am so torn. I work from 7:00am-1:30pm at a preschool caring for 25 (4-5 year old) children and then come home and home school and all the other motherly duties. 🙂 I thought I was overwhelmed before but now after this diagnosis, I am gasping for air! (Just as I was typing that, she came to tell me her legs felt wobbly. After taking the BG, she was 67! Juice box time!) I am also a woman of faith. I am a christian, (protestant) and am very devoted to my Lord and savior! 🙂 She just attended her nephews birthday party last Saturday. Although all the children were eating candy around her, she refrained. She was allowed cake and ice-cream with dinner. She did end up sneaking candy from the candy my mother in law (large freezer bag) gave her later in the night. I checked her blood before bedtime, 477!!! My jaw dropped to the floor! She cried and cried and cried. She was better within 4 or 5 hours going back down to under 200. Wonderful to have another mom to talk to. I feel no one understands! I know I wouldn’t have before it became personal. Much love and respect from me to you. 🙂 God Bless You

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      It’s nice to meet you. I am so sorry about your daughter’s diagnosis. Type 1 diabetes is quite possibly the worst disease! It’s 24/7/365! However, it is our “normal” now.

      My grandson Cooper was diagnosed in 2006, my son Joey in May, 2009. It’s almost 4 it’s with Joey. It’s a hard disease to understand also! Not many people have any clue about it, that’s why I started writing my blog. Our platform is to educate all that we can.

      I quit my job when Joey was diagnosed. Because he was in 2nd grade at a private school with no nurse. All of our health room aides are RN’s, but they aren’t paid and can’t perform any actual duties except give a bandaid. I felt like I needed to be there, so I basically went to school everyday until the end of the year, which thankfully was only 1 month later. We had the summer to get to know the disease and how Joey would respond to insulin.

      I was so scared at first, I called my daughter everyday for quite awhile! She took me under her wing! I was so blessed to have her.

      Your daughter will be fine if she returns to school, there is a 504 plan that you work out with the Endo and the school. It’s basically a medical plan for her. And the school if public will have to provide a nurse.

      Are you on Facebook! If so, I belong to a couple t1 diabetes groups that are fantastic! We even converse at 2:00 am when we are checking blood sugars! Lets know and I will get you in the group. We learn a lot from each other, or just cry on each other’s shoulders!

      Nice to meet you also, hang in there, it gets better everyday. As far as your daughter sneaking the candy, we always let Joey have what he wanted, when he wanted it so that we didnt have problems with eating disorders. It’s very easy to give the kids a complex when they can’t have something that everyone is having. At first when we were on a stringent regiment, to find out insulin to carb ratio’s, we always had good “free” snacks available.


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