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My Children; my Blessings..cont..

Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight

Soon after Tony was born we started trying for a sibling for him.  By two he was asking us “where is my brother or sister my own age?”  He’d say this because he would see my sister’s kids, all within a few years of each other in age.  His brother and sister were 20 years older than him.  Not that he didn’t love them, but they didn’t play.

Tony was very clairvoyant at a very young age. At age two we were were outside planting flowers when he said to me: “you aren’t my only mother. I had another mother before you.”  Okay then.  I remember one time after my parents left, Joe was tucking Tony into bed.  He was around 18 months old, he talked very early, was putting two words together at 8 months old.  Joe said to him that he wanted to tell him about his father Anthony, who he was named after.  Joe’s father passed away from cancer when he was only 7 years old.  Tony said “I know your daddy, Grandpa B, I talk to him all the time, he lives in heaven.”  As he said this, he pointed up toward the ceiling.  Joe came running to tell me, we were both kind of freaked out by it.

There were several other instances that blew our minds with Tony, but the most significant was about to happen.  It was late July, Tony was 3 years old when he asked us for the 100th time for a sibling.   Joe and I had been discussing what to tell him, because I wasn’t getting any younger, and we were exhausted from trying to get pregnant for 3 years, the emotional impact was tremendous.  Each month the disappointment grew deeper. So that night, we were going to tell him that we it wasn’t going to happen for us.  When we were saying our prayers, Tony said “let’s pray for a baby brother or sister.”  I said, “Anthony, we have asked God for a baby, and it must not be in his plan, but we are very blessed to have you.”  The next thing he said shocked me, and made me sad.  He said, “Okay, I am going to ask Grandpa B too.”

Now it’s September, Joe and I were going grocery shopping because my parents were coming  back in town for my son John’s wedding.  As we were walking up and down the grocery isles  I was drawn to the fruit dept, particularly oranges.  I’ve always liked oranges, but didn’t buy them often.  When Joe saw the 2 bags of oranges in the shopping cart, and the 4 containers of orange juice, he kidded me that I may be pregnant.  We laughed it off, till I started thinking.  We picked up a pregnancy test and went home.

What happened next was as close to a miracle as we’ve ever come.  According to the PG test, I was expecting a baby.  We announced the unbelievable news at my son’s wedding.  Not many moms can say they have done that. Ha-Ha

Tony was thrilled to death.

P.S.  Thank you Grandpa B!

Still Best Buddies.
Still Best Buddies.

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