Type 1 Diabetes

Mom, I might Improvise

Joey has a lot of responsibilities as the 2013 Youth Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association. His first event was the kick-off party for the Tour de Cure Bike race.

The event was held to encourage potential participants to come and sign up, or to get information on fundraising, or just to meet the new Ambassador’s.

In preparation for the event, Joey and I sat down and wrote him a short introduction, which he would use when getting up in front of all the guests. After we wrote it he said “mom, I may just improvise.” He certainly knows his story, it happened to him, but I wanted him to be prepared!

When it was his turn to introduce himself, he walked up confidently and started to tell his story! No written notes needed! He made everyone laugh, which made him feel great, and gave him confidence!

The 2012 Ambassador, Kyle, was there. He told Joey just to “be himself.” He stood close by, and when Joey was finished, Kyle gave him a fist bump! It was great!

I met some really nice families, it’s awesome to connect with other families that understand life with type 1!

Overall it was a great first event for Joey, I cried when he was telling his story. Not sure why! Maybe because my little boy is growing up, and doing such a great job of representing himself as a “tween” with type 1 diabetes! He is becoming a role model, and taking it very seriously!

Joe and I couldn’t be prouder of Joey! Who knows where this will lead us, oh yeah, Madison next week! We’re off to Diabetes Day at the Capitol! Joey will meet with our local Legislators and tell his story again. I’ll try not to cry this time!!



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