Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 and Vacation

We have been looking forward to our beach vacation for months, who wouldn’t when they live in a state like WI, where it’s still cold. We haven’t been on a beach destination vacation so this will be Joey’s first Ocean experience. We’ve been to Disney World twice, and now the beaches of Florida. We traveled by car to Destin, Florida. The car ride was great except for the 4 hours of traffic delays!

Tony rode with my sister’s family which freed up a seat for Joey to bring his friend Josh. We didn’t want him to be left behind when Tony and 15 year old cousin Jake went off on their own. I suppose we had some selfish motives as well.

Joey’s numbers were up and down. Everyone in the diabetes world knows that traveling with a high blood sugar means a lot of bathroom breaks! On a 17 hour trip, that’s just not an option.  So keeping his BS in range was important to us!  That doesn’t mean that Type 1 cooperated!

We had snacks in the car that were measured out so that we didn’t have to guess at carb counts, and we had our fast acting glucose in case. Joey’s BS was high for the first half of the trip. Could have been from excitement, who knows.

On the way home we weren’t quite as prepared, and ironically, his blood sugar was always in range!  Here is a typical conversation while driving: Joey: “mom, how many carbs in this bag of Chex Mix?” Me: “well, there are 3.5 servings, 22 carbs each serving, figure it out.” (Trying to sharpen his math skills at same time.) Joey: “awe, can’t you just figure it out for me, my brain is tired from all this driving.” (Or could it be from all the gaming and texting.)  Two minutes later I open the pretzel rods for Joe and I, and hear this from Joey: “those look good, can I have one?” “Sure, you get 3 for 28 carbs.” ” Great, I’ll have 3, no using my brain on that one!” Ten minutes later I hear this from the peanut gallery in the back seat: “we’re getting hungry, when is lunch?” It’s not even 11:00 am yet!!!

We rented a condo so we have a full kitchen, another must with type 1 in the house! There is nothing worse than a hungry kid with type 1! (Except a hungry kid with high or low blood sugar.). We had a list of food that Josh likes, so when grocery shopping we could get his favorites.

Joey is a picky eater, down to his ranch dressing, it must be right or he won’t eat the salad!  We always take a risk trying out a new restaurant, so it was good to see that Josh was equally as picky! Josh has some strange habits, like popcorn and M&M’s together, it was interesting to see how another  kid Joey’s age ate. They both love waffles, so they had waffles everyday! Yeah, we dealt with plummeting blood sugars from the syrup, but it was vacation! 🙂

We’ve had a few bumps in the road, Joey got a terrible rash, maybe from the change in laundry detergent? Maybe the sand? We don’t know. So he spent a few hours laying on the couch not feeling his best, while everyone else was at the beach. He didn’t mind! Joe sat with him.

He had a blast on the SeaBlaster Dolphin cruise, we all did. They offered all you could drink beer and wine for the adults, and free soda or water for the kids. Tony, who is 15 for a few more weeks, was standing there with his empty soda cup when the guy with the pitcher of beer came around and filled his cup with beer! OMG, really? He just thought it was funny and gave it to his dad!

One thing that I am figuring out is that alcohol and type 1 don’t go we’ll together! I’m talking about me and alcohol, not Joey and alcohol! Ha-Ha  I’m not much of a drinker, but it is vacation! Maybe because I’m not much of a drinker is why it’s hard for me. I feel like if both Joe and I have a drink, who will keep an eye on Joey’s numbers!! I had one beer on the Seablaster and when the guy came around to refill my cup, Joey was next to me and gave the guy a look like “what? She doesn’t need another one!” The guy laughed and commented: “is he watching over you?” Cute! Another reason NOT to drink.

Overall it was a wonderful vacation.  Type 1 didn’t get in our way, and everyone had a great time.



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