My life

Sunday: A day to reflect

I love Sunday mornings, I get up, have my coffee while, other than the dogs, the house is still quiet.

For Joe and the kids it’s a day to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Bruce, Baxter (my pups)  and I watched the birds and the Squirrel have their breakfast this morning.  As I sat there, I started to reflect on the week we had leading up to today.

One week ago on Sunday morning we were excitedly getting ready for Jake Byrne’s visit, today we will go to mass, get Tony to baseball practice and then he is in a dodge ball tournament at school, for charity. We have our nephew Jake with us until dinner time, then we’ll start getting ready for the week to come.

We had our meeting at the ADA to move forward with Joey and Cooper being the Youth Ambassadors, it’s going to be so much fun for the kids.

l learned something interesting (being the bird lover that I am)  yesterday while at Joey’s Forensics tournament; birds don’t really taste their food. They only have 50 taste buds compared to our 10,000 or so. (Which really, in comparison to our size difference, seems reasonable.) So they rely on sight and touch for their eating enjoyment!  You probably assume that I learned this from a Forensics skit, nope, I learned it while sitting with 6 wonderful women at a table in the Science Lab at school. We were in charge of checking the Forensic score cards before they were entered into the computer. It is amazing what 6 women can discuss in a 5 hour time frame.

One women talked about how she refers to herself as a French mom, she adopted the French way of parenting. Apparently she likes the way the French make life a priority, NOT their kids lives.  Basically I think that she meant that if someone doesn’t go out for soccer, it’s ok, they’ll live.  And of course the Wine!! Can’t forget the wine.  While this sounds like a great way to live, it’s to late for our family.  🙂

We all got involved in the life lesson that a mom was trying to teach her son, and couldn’t believe how when  it backfired,  three families were affected!

We talked about type 1 diabetes, cancer, private vs public schools, Joey’s day of shadowing at a different Catholic school, volunteering, my crazy mafia dog story, which actually lead to the story about birds not having taste buds!

This was the best week in so many ways! I realized that it’s so important to meet new people, bring people together that wouldn’t normally be together, get out and spend time with people that aren’t your BFF’s, but that have a different way of living (French mom) and are great to spend time with.

Have a great week!



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