Type 1 Diabetes

Joey: JDRF Awards & New Beginnings

Joey with awards from JDRF
Joey showing off his awards from JDRF.

Last September, along with our family and friends, we walked in the JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Joey had several friends along to support him.  He had many more friends support him through donations made to his Walk Page.  We are really blessed to have such strong support, year after year, from our friends.

I want to thank all of our family and friends that continue to offer support, if not through a monetary way, through a spiritual or emotional way.  It takes a lot of emotional support to stay positive and keep a positive attitude day after day.  This is a disease that wears you out.  Lack of sleep is mainly to blame for the exhaustion.  With that being said, when we send out our walk page, asking for donations so we can find a cure, and then they start to come in,  it makes all the difference in the world, to Joey and to us.

This year will be different for us, since Joey has been named the Youth Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association, we will be working and fundraising for the ADA now.  Our first big event is the Tour de Cure bike ride in June.  When I told my friend Monica about Joey being asked to be the Ambassador, and the ride, she said, I want to write a check for his fundraiser minimum, of $200.00, to get him started.  She doesn’t know it, but I cried. (She’ll know now.)  I just can’t believe the overwhelming support that our family and friends give us.  It’s such a blessing.  Oh, and Monica is also getting her firm to host a “jeans day” in support of the Tour de Cure, and in honor of Joey.  His ride page will receive all the proceeds from their “jeans day.”   So many blessings.

Joey’s Crusader’s Walk Team earned the Golden Sneaker Award & Plaque from JDRF, we raised over $5,000 for diabetes research.  We are excited to continue our journey, although with a different organization,  still for the hope and prayer that a cure is on the horizon for type 1 diabetes.

Thank you.

joey thank  you 005


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