Type 1 Diabetes

Busier than busy now..

Walk To Cure & other photo's 018A couple blog entries back I mentioned that Joey was asked by the American Diabetes Association to audition for the Wisconsin Youth Ambassador position.  Drum roll please…he was asked to take the position.  He will be Co-Ambassador with his 7 year old nephew Cooper.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, Cooper was diagnosed 4 years before Joey at age 22 months.

They will share the responsibilities, which will include starting things off at the Tour de Cure Ride for Diabetes, held June 15th in Southeast Wisconsin.  They will visit our State Capitol on Diabetes Day, which is April 24th.  They will kick off the annual walk in October, it’s called: Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, they will share their stories at the Gala, which is held at the Italian Community center in November, which is National Diabetes Month.

They have all these wonderful events to look forward to as well as other opportunities to educate youth and adults alike on Type 1 Diabetes.


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