Type 1 Diabetes

Test Strips, Test Strips, and more Test Strips

I named my blog “igotosleepcountingteststripsinsteadofsheep” because that is what I do, it’s true.  One night  as I was laying in bed, wondering if Joey’s pump bag had enough test strips, I thought, man, I go to sleep every night thinking about type 1 diabetes!  It’s not enough  that I spend most of my daytime hours thinking about it, I fall to sleep a lot of nights with it on my mind.  I suppose because as I am getting into bed I am setting my alarm for the next blood sugar test.

Yesterday we had our Walk To Cure Diabetes at the zoo.  We had the perfect day, 80 and sunny.  Over 7,000 people came out in support of the loved one in their life who has type 1.  We had so many family and friends who came out to support Joey and Cooper, they must have felt special.

Family & Friends

After the walk we were sitting at my kitchen table and my sister said, “you have a test strip on your kitchen floor.” She went on to say:  “I saw so many test strips laying on the ground at the zoo too.”  Welcome to our world.  We laughed about it, and the reality is that we covet our test strips.   Number one, they are expensive.  If we had to purchase them at Walgreen’s, we’d pay $1.00 per strip!!  We test Joey at least 8 times a day, or 56 times a week, or 224 times a month, or 2688 times a year!!  That’s a lot of test strips.  Number two, he needs them to manage his type 1 properly.

On any given day we have test strips laying on the floor in multiple rooms, yes, I pick them up, but next time I turn around they are back.  We find them on chairs, couches, in drawers, on the piano, in the garage, driveway, playset, in bed, in the bathroom, in the washer and dryer, even in the dog crate!

I am NOT complaining, they are a blessing to us, they make our lives a lot easier, and can’t imagine our lives without them, given the circumstances.  Yes, I love test strips.

I will conclude with this thought about test strips:  people that have lost a loved one to complications of type 1 have told stories about how test strips show up randomly at just the right moment in time, as a token of love from above, to say “I’m thinking of you today,” or just a simple “hello.”  Yes, I love test strips.

So, next time you see a random test strip laying on the ground or where ever, I hope you get a smile on your face, and think about all the families that depend on them.

Insulin Isn’t A Cure, It’s Joey’s Life Support

If you would like to help us raise money for JDRF, please go to Joey’s page:  http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR/Walk-WI/Chapter-SoutheasternWisconsin4728?px=1537637&pg=personal&fr_id=1868

Joey’s video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK22HNY7aW0


2 thoughts on “Test Strips, Test Strips, and more Test Strips

  1. lol my sister is always complaining how on health it is to have test strips all over every time i go to her house or she comes ove to mine but its like those darn lil things have there own two legs and way from the trash out into the open….i am glad to know were not alone in our lil test strip life..

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