Letting Go, Yet Holding On

It was only 59 degrees outside this morning as I drove to Catholic Memorial High School.  I volunteer in the spirit shop, today is a special day, freshman orientation.

Our school Mission:  At Catholic Memorial High School we Educate students as individuals, intellectually and spiritually.  We guide students to work to their highest God-given potential.  We prepare them for post-secondary education and to become leaders who serve the Church and the world.

Our school Motto:  Catholic Memorial as “the caring place” has evolved directly from the application of the motto, “Caritas in Omnibus,” which means “Charity in all things.”  This motto is adopted from the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians.

The day starts off with a mass, then the parents and students are introduced to the President of our school, Fr. Paul Hartmann,, and our Principle Dr. Robert Hall.  Fr. Paul gives the history of the school, and by the end of this two or so hours you feel like you did the best thing in the world for your child.  The sacrifices are so worth it to feel that your child is in a safe, loving environment that nurtures kindness, individuality, spirituality, academics & so much more.

The freshmen look a little apprehensive today, not sure how to navigate around the school yet.  There are student ambassadors that will  help them through the day.

I can hear & see the students nervously talking, laughing, listening, trying to get a feel for their new classmates and environment.  Last year I was so impressed with an incident that was brought to my attention, it happened in the lunchroom, on Tony’s freshman orientation day, there was a boy who didn’t know anyone, so he was sitting by himself, Tony, along with several friends, went over to him, introduced themselves, and invited him to sit with them.  This is all we can hope for as our kids start a journey that they will remember for the rest of their lives, and their experiences here will help mold them into the adults they will soon be.

A few parents made their way to the spirit shop today after the meeting, maybe they couldn’t quite leave yet, knowing that their nervous son or daughter is here, forging their way through the first day of school.

It seems like once high school starts, the four years fly by, you blink and miss it.  I plan on savoring these years with Tony.  He’s a sophomore this year,  he plays Varsity Football,  his first big game is next Friday, under the lights at Carroll College.  He is realizing his dreams, which is all we can wish for our kids.

We feel blessed that our children are at a school that they love, and that loves them in return.  We pray that they take the motto of the school, and the school mission into their own lives and live a very rich life in charity and humility.


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