Type 1 Diabetes

July came in like a Lion, and taught me some valuable lessons

July started rough for us.  July 1st we found ourselves at Children’s Hospital with Joey dehydrated, that quickly turned dangerous when the NEW ER staff ignored the signs of DKA.  I wondered why I was listening to the staff, when I knew more than they did about type 1.

Joey in ER

It took my daughter who also has a son with type 1, to come in there and slap some people around, in order to get insulin for my child.  Why didn’t I call the Endocrinologist that was on call for Children’s myself, from the ER room?  I guess maybe because I did call them that morning, before I came to the hospital, twice in fact, once to get advise because Joey was vomiting, and then again to tell the answering service that I never got a call back within the half hour time frame, but please let them know that we were on our way to the hospital.  Apparently, she never got either message?  WHY DIDN’T I TAKE THIS AS AN OMEN?

I think it’s because we put so much faith in our medical professionals.  Why didn’t I scream “I need help here!” as I was walking Joey to the bathroom, in front of the entire ER staff, while trying to balance his puke bucket along with the IV stand, along with keeping him upright? While all those Dr. and nurses were talking and doing stuff in the middle of the room there in the ER?  WHY??

Why wasn’t I more forceful asking for the intern or better yet, the Attending Dr. to come in and help us? Why did I let my son go from being dehydrated to moderate DKA in a matter of hours?

Why didn’t I remember that July 1st is when the newbies come into CHW, a teaching hospital? I’ve been told that many times!

Why did I let them talk me into taking Joey’s pump off?  WHY WHY WHY?? I have always been proactive about Joey’s type 1, always make sure he has all of his supplies, make sure he has everything he needs at school, makes sure he tests himself on a regular basis, what was different today?  Why did I let them take over his care without voicing my concern?

Why did I let it get to the point where my little boy looked at me and said “Mom, am I gonna die?”

I look back on that experience with a feeling of angst.  I learned a lot, a lot of what not to do, so therefore, learned what to do in the situation where you basically walk into a place with your child, and sign their care over to someone else, regardless of their experience level, because you have been programmed to do so.

We have faith in our Dr.’s and nurses, and don’t often question their authority or their knowledge, but one thing I learned on that day, and that I know for sure is that I will never put Joey’s care in the hands of anyone again, without finding out exactly what their experience level is with type 1, what their plan is, and where is the Attending, and the Endocrinologist on call. Maybe not in that order, but those are the answers to all my Why’s.

P.S. We ended up spending the night, I basically had to tell the Dr.s on the 11 floor at CHW what needed to be done, I got up every 2 hours to check him and request insulin, so nothing was different in the actual hospital.  So sad that our children have a disease that only those that specialize in the disease know what to do with it.  WHY????


2 thoughts on “July came in like a Lion, and taught me some valuable lessons

  1. Aw, poor baby. So sorry…and remember, you are the Mama and Mama’s know best…even medical professionals…when it comes to our babies. I understand and remember having this transitioning phase in my life of medical staff and going along with what they said to standing up and realizing, I knew my kids and their illnesses better. Besides, God gives moms special senses to know what to do. Always trust your instincts Therese. But don’t beat yourself up. We learn. We move on. Take care. Prayers for Joey. As soon as Jake is confident that he’s “on the team” we’ll get Joey that signed football.

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